Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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Sun 12/31
Visual Basic ForumVB6 App in Win10 Store by Alex Hedley: Putting (my VB6) Windows Apps in the Windows 10 Store - Project Centennial https://www.hanselman.com/blog/PuttingMyVB6WindowsAppsInTheWindows10StoreProjectCentennial.aspx Find those old apps and get them published
Sun 12/31
Visual Basic ForumVB6 on Win10 by Alex Hedley: Please vote Include Visual Basic 6.0 by default on the next version of Windows ! https://visualstudio.uservoice.com/forums/121579-visual-studio-ide/suggestions/17800336-include-visual-basic-6-0-by-default-on-the-next-ve
Thu 12/28
Microsoft Access ForumImport Macro by Richard S: Hi folks, AM wondering how to run a saved import from a Macro... any thoughts ? Hope all is well & till later, Rick S. San Antonio, TX Reply from Alex Hedley: I think it's covered in Access Expert Level 20 but you can check the outline.
Tue 12/26
Microsoft Access ForumTwitter feeds by Richard L: Is there a way I can create a form on somebody and show the latest twitter post they've made in a sub-form of that record? Reply from Alex Hedley: You can call webservices or APIs and pull the data onto a form, or you could embed the tweet in a WebBrowser Control
Mon 12/25
Microsoft Access ForumConvention by Dennis O: Yes both are tables. When I was learning how to prepare each tables and forms I followed the design that Richard tough us but changed the data to have what I needed. O the member form I also added a contact Sub form following Richards lesson. I also had buttons for New Orders and Order History, both following Richard. On the Order Table I added Order Detail  more...
Sat 12/23
Access Calendar SeminarI am having problems with the date calendar by Jimmm M: I found them and I am good-2-go....Things are great.....Thx for this GREAT resource....
Wed 12/20
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Brandon J: I d like to learn some advanced charting features. For example, manipulating chart formatting and such through VBA. I use Access charts a lot and I d like to learn as much as possible about their controls and features. Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you taken Access  more...
Wed 12/20
Microsoft Access ForumBarcoding in Access by Kevin G: Is there a way access can create and track inventory for parts and systems Reply from Alex Hedley: There is a barcode seminar on the Waiting List. Barcode equipment is just a way of passing data into a text field, instead of a keyboard. What features are you wanting?
Mon 12/18
Microsoft Access ForumConvention by Dennis O: I am the registration director for a convention and the data entered is for that year. The convention is in November. I built the program for the 2016 convention and everything worked perfectly. These problems happened when I was preparing for the 2017 convention and I hope to fix them for the 2018 convention. The problem that I want to fix this time is the  more...
Mon 12/18
Microsoft PowerPoint ForumLive Excel data in presentation by Gioia: Greetings! We have a PowerPoint presentation that runs off a TV monitor that serves as an info "kiosk" for our warehouse personnel. I've created a nice presentation that runs on a continuous loop and I update slides frequently. Currently we embedded an excel slide that is updated when the presentation is opened and the  more...
Thu 12/14
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Brad J: Richard, welcome back and I hope you are doing well. Regarding an Access seminar. What would be very helpful would be an indepth discussion of programmatically traversing an Access database. For example, selecting a record, updating it, and then moving to the next logical record based on the current order. I noticed a number of for doing this, but  more...
Thu 12/14
Access Calendar SeminarI am having problems with the date calendar by Jimmm Manuel: I am having problems with the date calendar...There is no date calendar in Access 2016......It won't run the little script to set the first Monday Reply from Alex Hedley: There are loads of comments on this post about the issue, and even an more...
Thu 12/14
Microsoft Access ForumYes No field auto filled by Karen R: I inserted commas because I thought they meant "then" as in the IFF statements. Anyway, I followed the advice and tried the new lines like this: Private Sub WorkTypeIDCombo_AfterUpdate() ServiceSheet = 1 WorkTypeID = [Safety Check] WorkTypeID = [Vehicle Service] End Sub This resulted in a run time error '2465' access cannot  more...
Mon 12/11
Microsoft Access ForumChanging Hotel Prices by Stephen B: I've now completed the Access Expert series and my database is coming along nicely but I need your help with a little problem. I organise holidays for groups. Part of this involves making hotel reservations. I store the information for each hotel in AccommodationT. The reservation details are in a separate table, ReservationT. Each year  more...
Fri 12/8
Microsoft Access ForumPrint Website from Access by John H: I am very new to vba, and have not been able to figure out how to print a website from Access or how to save a website as a pdf to a file on my hard drive. Following are my failed attempts to do so. What do I need to do to get either method below to work? Also, there is an issue of pausing Access to allow time for the webpage to  more...
Thu 12/7
Microsoft Access ForumWork Order seminar Question by Shallena A: As I am going through the WorkOrder Seminar I have had no issues adapting things to my situation but I am looking for some advice before I make a total mess of things. My business makes personalized items. We do work for both businesses and the general public. I am trying to figure out how to set up the order form so that it  more...
Thu 12/7
Issues With Customer Service EmailsIssues With Customer Service Emails by William E: Richard Just wanted to say how fortunate I feel to have tripped upon this course. I couldn't imagine anything more perfect.
Thu 12/7
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Pivot Tables by Brandon J: Oh yeah. Those are really good ideas! I was over complicating things and didn t even think of that! Thank you, sir!
Thu 12/7
Microsoft Access ForumSQL Query Creation by Brandon J: Yes sir, I have taken all three SQL seminars. They re wonderful. Will this method work for all query types? Reply from Alex Hedley: Which method? The "CurrentDB.CreateQueryDef"
Thu 12/7
Microsoft Access ForumParking Citations by Carl W: Ive done all the beginners courses. Just Finishing the Expert 1. However, the database wont allow me to change or add a primary key. Reply from Alex Hedley: What error do you get?

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