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Thu 11/23
Microsoft Access ForumOpening a Blank Record by Karen R: This worked perfectly. However, when I built a new form(LicensingInspectionsListF) based on an aggregate query to view all records from the data in my original form (LicensingInspectionsF) the command button to open a selected record, now defaults to a blank record on LicensingInspectionsF. If I set the data entry property back to Yes on  more...
Thu 11/23
Microsoft Access ForumContinuous Forms by Richard L: In your class the continuous forms are vertical and you scroll up and down when you make a subform. Can this be oriented horizontal? Also The default view function on a form has pivot tables, split forms and others aside from Sing ot Continuous forms, will there be classes on using those functions? Reply from Alex Hedley: CrossTab might  more...
Mon 11/20
Microsoft Access ForumVehicle maintenance by John H: I need to keep track of vehicle maintenance for our small fleet of trucks. ServiceT has fields: VehID (auto#), VehNum, CurrentMileage, Last ServiceMileage, Miles left & Interval. Intervals would be different depending on Oil Change, Tranny Flush etc. Each week vehicles are checked on current mileage and inputted on ServiceF. I would like to  more...
Mon 11/20
Microsoft Access ForumSearch not exactly but close by Otto: I want to make a database in which I can store my offers and projects. For a quick budget price I want to search the database for offers/projects that come very close to the request. Normally, when searching you'll only find exact matches. How can I find data that is not exact, but very close? Reply from Alex Hedley:  more...
Mon 11/20
Microsoft Access ForumOpening a Blank Record by Karen Rolstone: Perfect...thanks so much.
Thu 11/16
Microsoft Access Email SeminarMicrosoft Access Email Seminar by Thomas F: Thank you for your seminar and responding to the earlier post. I now have the group email I wanted. My question now is when I try to query my list of people to receive the email I get an error message [Run-time-error Too Few parameters Expected 1] If this is something I can get from one of your lessons I will be glad to  more...
Thu 11/16
Microsoft Excel ForumMove Row by Toine v: How can i make a macro that moves a row if a cel hase a sertain value i put in it. Reply from Alex Hedley: So you type in a value in a give cell, is this cell always in the same column? You then want that row to move? How many rows do you wish to move it?
Wed 11/15
Microsoft Access ForumCombo Box Updating One Record of Source Table by Jackie M: I have a combo box that keeps updating the first record of my source table. Any ideas how to keep that from happening? I have recreated the combo box a couple of times and check my preferences and don't seem to be able to locate the issue. I did select the save for later option not the store  more...
Tue 11/14
Microsoft Access ForumOpening a Blank Record by Karen Rolstone: Hello. Can someone kindly advise how you set a form to a blank record when you open it to stop users erroneously overtyping existing data? I would be very grateful for any advice. Reply from Alex Hedley: Design View Properties under the Data Tab Set Data Entry property to Yes
Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As  more...
Tue 11/14
Microsoft Access ForumUpdating a unit price in a stock inventory databas by Karen Rolstone: Hello. Does anyone know how to update the unit price of an item in an inventory database when new stock is purchased from differing suppliers? In Expert 8.5 Richard said it would be covered in an advanced class. I'm up to Expert 15.3 and nothing yet. If I just change the unit  more...
Tue 10/31
Microsoft Access ForumAppend Query by Catrina J: I am trying to automate an append query after watching the Access 2013 Expert 15 video. My goal is to be within a form that is based on a different query, push a button, and have some of the data on my form append to my "Updated" table. I created the button based on what I learned in the video, but my records are not being added. I have confirmed the  more...
Fri 10/27
Microsoft Access ForumValidation rule Access by Phill I: Hello all, I added an validation rule to my works Data Base. The rule allowed me to add a number greater than 100 to various fields, 0 Or >100 .Work fine via keyboard entries, however we have a numpad pop up feature via double click. With the numpad I can only input numbers from 0 to 100, would appreciate any help to get numpad feature to  more...
Fri 10/27
Microsoft Access ForumDynamic List Combo Box by Margaret C: In my data base, I need to list the members of a project team. I have a multi-select combo box that works well. However, If someone is marked as "no longer current", they are deleted from the list and also deleted from any previous projects. Can you design a dynamic List/Combo box that does not change the records? Reply from Alex  more...
Tue 10/24
Microsoft Access ForumHappy Birthday Rick by MUBEEZI M: I am writing to wish my beloved teacher a happy birthday! May the Lord grant you many more productive years ahead! MICAH
Sun 10/22
Microsoft Access ForumRepair Files by Richard L: I can't open a database file. How do you fix a file that is corrupt and unreadable? Reply from Alex Hedley: Use the backup you made? Try a new blank database and import the objects from the broken one. /compact Access target
Sun 10/22
Access Calendar SeminarI am making a calendar Calendar seminar lesson 6 by Masih O: I am making a calendar (Calendar seminar lesson 6). I cannot find Calendar control in my ActiveX controls. I did some searching on the net and found out that Access 2010 don't have a calendar control. What do I do now??? Reply from Alex Hedley: If you read the comments you will  more...
Sat 10/21
Microsoft Access Forumhelp with a Query Criteria by MICHAEL J: Thanks Alex. I found a different way to do it. I,m just moving onto Union Tables so maybe I,ll try it later Reply from Alex Hedley: What way did you do it, could be useful to others to share.
Sat 10/21
Microsoft Access ForumRelationships by John M: Thank you Alex: I found an error when I traced back to Expert 3 for I had not created a One-to-One Relationship between CustomerT and CustomerExtendedT.
Sat 10/21
Microsoft Access ForumZoom by Gary W: Doesn't seem to work for me; it could be because I am using access through a Citrix receiver connection from an iMac. Thank You Reply from Alex Hedley: You could add a button or an event that runs DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdZoomBox
Fri 10/20
Microsoft Access ForumControl Youtube with Access by Harry M: Is there a way to embed youtube in access form and click a button to record time stamps as video plays (ie click and record 2:33 has been played). Then I'd like to click the time, and move to that part of the video. Reply from Alex Hedley: You can use a WebBrowser Control, you can interact with the webpage and youtube  more...

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