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-Nelson Mandela
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Fri 1/19
Access Database Security SeminarRun time error 3051 by Rhys Thomas: Hi Richard I am getting a Run-time error 3051. "The Microsoft Access database engine cannot open or write to the file (File name). It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view and write its data." No matter where I put the file and change the code - this message always comes up! Reply from  more...
Wed 1/17
Word 2007 Basic 2I can not open HB Handbook by Augusto Bernal: I can not open HB.Handbook Reply from Alex Hedley: It it listed in the Theatre?
Tue 1/16
Word 2007 Basic 2Word 2007 Basic 2 by Augusto B: I want to buy the handbook but I just couldn't do it. I was not able to find how to do it Reply from Alex Hedley: You need to own the video course first, then it's an option in the order form.
Tue 1/16
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Adonis B: Hello Richard,... are there any lessons to refer to regarding 2 way data synchronisation, where multiple users remotely update, add/edit data from a local access file to the server, if not I would like to see a seminar on this. Reply from Alex Hedley: Access Expert  more...
Sun 1/14
Microsoft Access ForumAdding Attachments by Mitchell B: I'm trying to make a module so that the user can attach a file to the record. I thought Richard had said that he had a seminar or lesson on it. Anyone know of it? Or can anyone help me with this? Reply from Alex Hedley: Microsoft Access Imaging  more...
Sun 1/14
New Access Tip: Restart Page NumbersNew Access Tip Restart Page Numbers by Gary Samuels: The Restart Page Numbers tip works great, thank you! Is it possible to add a "of Pages"? So the results would look like: Page 1 of 3 Reply from Alex Hedley: Add it to the string with the global [&Pages] variable.
Sun 1/14
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Jim W: I have used excel for years but new to access. My biggest problem is understanding and applying expressions, calculations, an functions. Advice please about learning these procedures? Reply from Alex Hedley: Checkout the Expert Courses, there are a few on just Functions.
Sun 1/14
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Ezell Martin: I'd like to see a seminar on how to make/convert a (in my case a FRONT-END and BACK-END) database to a website, URL and/or html database. Reply from Alex Hedley: Access Web Data Sync Seminar Use Access to Power your Web Site, Get Data From the Web  more...
Sun 1/14
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Ezell Martin: I'd like to see a seminar on making FRONT-END databases which function from tables, queries and/or coding in a BACK-END database. Reply from Alex Hedley: Access Split Database Seminar Set up a secure database using Windows File & Folder Security
Sun 1/14
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by Ezell Martin: I'd like to see if it's possible to perform voice operation functions sort of like making MS Access perform functions like SIRI of apple does. Reply from Alex Hedley: Cortana linked to Access?
Sat 1/13
Back in the SaddleBack in the Saddle by William E: Rick I would like to see a blog that keeps internal news right up to date. For instance it would be nice to know what happened on 1/11/2018 and why the site was down. I'm not complaining. It would just be nice to know the facts as they happen. Thanks
Fri 1/12
Microsoft Access ForumRecord ID numbers auto numbers by Bruce A: I am building a Db with more that one table. Is it better for each Table have Record ID numbers? Reply from Alex Hedley: Most tables should have an AutoNumber. (Maybe not JunctionTables)
Thu 1/11
Access Database Security SeminarSplit database by Travis Butler: Have a question- Now that I have split the database, encrypted the back end with password and set up a table to designate the location of the back end to link and un-link- how can I designate which back end location to append and make table queries? If I am on the primary, the queries work with the designation from the query wizard but if connected  more...
Tue 1/9
Microsoft Access ForumAdding Attachments by Mitchell B: I have a database that I want to have the user be able to attach TIF and JPG files to. Is there a lesson, or seminar that Richard has made that will cover this? Reply from Alex Hedley: Microsoft Access Imaging Seminar Work with Images and Objects in  more...
Mon 1/8
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Susan W: I created an employee form with a picture field (Access Level 1 Lesson 6) However, when I created the Employee Name Badge Labels, nothing appears in the picture field. The Company Logo image does appear, though. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong - both have .bitmap file extensions. Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you mean ".bmp" not  more...
Mon 1/8
Microsoft Access 305Are you Sure by Shallena Ayers: Alex... what does your response mean? I get the same warning messages as Vicki. I copy and pasted what your wrote but got an error message. It doesnt like the word 'code'. if i take that word out and just have the 2 docmd statements i still get the error messages. Can you please clarify what you mean by your response? What do we need to do to  more...
Thu 1/4
Microsoft Access ForumYes No field auto filled by Michael C: Did you try this: If not worktypeid=5 or worktypeid=6 then servicesheet = false end if End Sub
Thu 1/4
Microsoft Access ForumConvention by Michael C: Hi Dennis, you definitely need two tables - one for the orders, one for the member name. Use the member id as the foreign key in the order table. Also, use your field property index in the member table to prevent duplicates - I would use a composite key because, it is possible to have two different people in two different cities with the same name. Food for  more...
Wed 1/3
Access SQL Seminar Part 2RowSource by Nick Cerri: Hello there, For whatever reason, Access 2010 does not recognize productlist.rowsource when I attempt to write my own code. When I follow along with the video it seems to work fine but when I remove all the code and add in mine I don't get the dropdown where you can select "rowsource". In addition, it's giving me a Run-time error '424': Object required error.  more...
Sun 12/31
Visual Basic ForumVB6 App in Win10 Store by Alex Hedley: Putting (my VB6) Windows Apps in the Windows 10 Store - Project Centennial Find those old apps and get them published

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