Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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Sat 7/23
Microsoft Access ForumEmail Field by Mike Y: Thanks
Sat 7/23
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Pop Ups by Mike Y: I am running Access 2016 on windows 10 where the problem is and the other machine is Access 2010 on windows 7. They are both on a trusted folder. The DB was prepared on the Access 2016. Reply from Alex Hedley: Could you provide a screenshot of both. Upload it to OneDrive or similar then share the public link
Sat 7/23
Microsoft Access ForumBudgets by Sally D: Thank Alex. Another question about budget. I have 2 tables 1 for sales and 1 for expenses. They aren't related nor do they have anything in common except the PeriodID.I would like to run a report by Account# Sales up top and expenses below. I want to use a cross- tab query so I can see the 12 months across the top. I'm very weak in VBA code. Any help would be greatly  more...
Fri 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumRegistration Seminar Startup Form by ColinM: Alex. It was disjointed to me, particularly as Richard kept changing the code, to cover different scenarios. I would like to have seen completed code, when all was done, so that I could follow the logic. Guess that's why I had problems with the GetSetting instruction. Reply from Alex Hedley: I usually write  more...
Fri 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumShortcut Menu by Rupert Bennett: Sorry I was not a bit more specific. I meant a popup menu one would get when the user right clicks on a report or a form. This would provide them with only the options you want them to have and not the full menu, or default shortcut menu; a custom shortcut menu is probably what I should say. Reply from Alex Hedley: Are you wanting the to  more...
Fri 7/22
Learning Access VBA ProgrammingLearning Access VBA Programming by Pavan: Hi I'm good at excel do not know even how to open VBA or start it. i need to learn it starting from (A) Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: Start at the 300 courses and you'll be good.
Fri 7/22
Microsoft Access 304Access 304 1 Quote Invoice by Dennis O: Thanks, I got it working. Reply from Alex Hedley: Could you share how in case others have the same problem.
Fri 7/22
Microsoft Access 303Access 303 4 Subroutines by Dennis O: State is stored as a text. State Combo has an ID and the abbreviation of the state plus the state name. Only the abbreviation shows in the state column. This is the line that tells state what to do. StateCombo = DLookup("StateCombo", "MemberT", "MemberID=" & MemberCombo) I tried the same line using State and StateCombo. No  more...
Fri 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumConditionally Show Fields by Kathy C: I am running a report that has formula totaling (wk1+wk2 rate 1) & another totaling (wk1+wk2 rate 2) & another totaling (wk1 + wk2 BB rate) then a total that is totaling all those. I only want to show on the report those that are greater than zero in the totals of each employee. Is there a course on that? Reply from Alex  more...
Fri 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumFormula by Kathy C: No its just adding regular earnings field to Full time earnings field Reply from Alex Hedley: Is this as a calculated query field or an unbound textbox?
Fri 7/22
iOS App for 599CDiOS App for 599CD by Alex Hedley: Build (1.0.8) has been sent out.
Fri 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumSet rstLogin by David Wiedenfeld: Yes, the Win10 and Access 2016 are fully patched, at least as of last week. Haven't checked this week. I'm connecting to MSSQL 2008 R2. The database does indeed work, with all connections functioning, if I bypass this one macro. I can see all of the data, and all of the other macros and functionality seem to work just fine. It just seems to be  more...
Fri 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumRegistration Seminar 1 Problem by ColinM: Alex. Thanks. I resolved this issue with the help of the forum at UtterAccess.com.
Fri 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumRegistration Seminar Startup Form by ColinM: I resolved this problem with the assistance of the great guys at UtterAccess.com forums. And, yes a Navigation form can be the startup form, as I've discovered. I found the Registration Seminar 1 quite confusing, and really couldn't follow it very well. Reply from Alex Hedley: Which parts were confusing,  more...
Fri 7/22
Microsoft Access ForumSet rstLogin by David Wiedenfeld: No, I made no changes at all. This db runs just fine on Win7 Access 2013 64-bit. So it shouldn't make a difference where the DAO statement appears, because I haven't changed it. If I try to open the exact same file with no modifications whatsoever under Win10 Access 2016 it crashes. Just gone--no error message, nothing--Access just disappears from  more...
Thu 7/21
Microsoft Access ForumMessage popping up requesting Switchboard Manager by Ida H: I have been working through the MSAccess Expert series. After reviewing some of the material and working through the database I have encounter a problem that I have no idea where it came from. When going into Design view for the CustomerListF or even the Main Menu Form everything looks  more...
Thu 7/21
Microsoft Access ForumProperty Sheet Forms and Controls by Claudio Lopes: Is there any way we can get the property sheet for forms and controls to display the properties is alphabetical order? Reply from Alex Hedley: There's a way in VS but I don't think it's an option in access. You could suggest it on more...
Tue 7/19
Excel 2010 Expert 3Late Criteria by Jonathan Singer: If the criteria to collect is to be late shouldn't it be "NOT D2" as well? Reply from Alex Hedley: Collect is for a Collection letter to be sent. Paid (C) has to be FALSE Late (D) has to be TRUE You want D to be TRUE =AND($D2, NOT($C2)) =AND(TRUE, NOT(FALSE))
Mon 7/18
Microsoft Access 303Access 303 4 Subroutines by Dennis Owens: I am working on Access 303 #4 Subroutines. After working on your assignments in class and I have an understanding of the lessons I take what I've learned and put it into a project that I am working on. Question, when I designed the Bill To and Ship To Address my state is in a combo box. I can't get the Bill To State to get the  more...
Mon 7/18
Microsoft Access ForumFormula by Kathy C: I have a formula that will not calculate until I close the form & reopen in. Any ideas why? Reply from Alex Hedley: Is it complex? You could do a Me.Requery/Refresh in an AfterUpdate() event on a control.

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