If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Sat 3/17
Word 2007 Basic 2Style by Modi Waggeh: More power to your elbow ! I completed level 2 just right now but I observed one thing which is when I select a style with a black color and use a theme, the theme won't affect the color of the text while but if I choose a style with a color the theme will change the color of some of the text I don't know why Reply from Alex Hedley: Did you choose style that  more...
Sat 3/17
Access 2010 Beginner 6Access Assistance Available by William B: On lesson Beginner 6 Mr Rost explains how to put pictures into a employee file. this is the response i get from my computer. When attempting to do so. Microsoft Access X There isn't enough memory to complete the Automation object operation on the  more...
Thu 3/15
Microsoft Access Email SeminarEmail Error by Larisa Kiseleva: Email was working fine then start getting error "Error handler:" overflow. Please help, maybe need to reinitialize some parameters Thanks, Larisa Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you have anymore of the error message?
Thu 3/15
Microsoft Access ForumChart Totals by Cynthia M: I have a query that has five different fields for schools. These fields show number of riders per day for the month. Is it possible to get totals for each of these fields on a query?I'm looking to add this data to other data for a chart. Reply from Alex Hedley: Add it as a calculated Field, more...
Thu 3/15
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Margaret C: I have a form that has 3 combo boxes: Department, Director, and Team Members. I am thinking about changing these to cascading combos to filter the extensive employee list. Here's the thing, how do I edit the query to exclude an employee who is no longer with the company, without changing all of the previous forms that they may be  more...
Thu 3/15
Microsoft Access ForumImport Excel to Access by Meredith D: How do you move SOME information from one column to another, like 20 records at a time? It doesn't work like Excel so cannot highlight, cut and paste, only individually by row. I need to do this when I import Excel direct marketing lists into my Access database. Reply from Alex Hedley: more...
Wed 3/14
Access Database Security SeminarACCDE issues by todd Kaplan: Rich, I am using Access 2016. I not able to create an ACCDE file. It gives me an error. When aski9ng the Google machine, one forum tells me to compile the VBA code in debug, if there are no issues, it will allow the creation of an accde file. When I try this, i get an error to compiling with the use of Form_Current. Did this change in Access 2016?  more...
Wed 3/14
Microsoft Access ForumCreating Employee Vacation Database by John S: I recently purchased the Beginners and Expert up tp 25 classes and they have helped greatly. I know I'm jumping around, but can you help me with saving data for each form I made so they can be viewed, queried and reported individually. I.E. I need to save data for a Paid leave form, Unpaid Leave form, and FMLA  more...
Tue 3/13
Microsoft Access ForumError in Access Developer after D3 database by Jan H: In Access Developer 3, the "add" in CommissionF was created. I had problems with the SQL statement so I checked with the "after Developer 3 database" and the same problem appeared there. When the add VBA code is running it stops at the SQL statement with the following: "Runtime error '3346'. "Number  more...
Tue 3/13
Microsoft Access ForumManage a close database by Tiziano F: If I'm working on the Access db "A", there is a way to lunch the print of a close Access db "B"? Many thanks. FT Reply from Alex Hedley: Can you re-word the question please, I'm not sure what you mean. Do you want to open db B from db A?
Sat 3/10
Microsoft Access ForumFiltering Subforms on Main Form by Stephen K: Sorry this is the code: Private Sub PLbtn_Click() DoCmd.GoToControl "ProductListF" DoCmd.ApplyFilter , Forms!RegisterF!ProductListF.Form!ItemNumber Like "*" & Forms!RegisterF!ProductListF.Form!Text28 & "*" Or Forms!RegisterF!ProductListF.Form!ItemDescription Like "*" &  more...
Sat 3/10
Microsoft Access ForumError 2950 by Stephen K: Hi Alex, Thanks again for replying. Yes I did. It still is showing up. The database is in the trusted folder. No warning messages show up for me to click enable. The error still shows up. Everytime I try to use the SetValue function, this still pops up. Its really frustrating. Reply from Alex Hedley: Might be worth using VBA instead, I've never  more...
Sat 3/10
Microsoft Access ForumFiltering Subforms on Main Form by Stephen K: Hello Alex, Thanks for the prompt response. Yes, RegisterF is my main form and ProductListF is my subform. So I got the error messages to stop BUT nothing is happening. I decided to take it to VBA code. Here is what I have so far: Private Sub PLbtn_Click() Dim SQL As String SQL = ProudctQ  more...
Sat 3/10
Microsoft Access 329Null Values by Shallena A: As I said in the original question... I did download the database and it gives me the same error when both check boxes are in the null position. And, I did read that post you mentioned... That code did not work either but I did figure out that I needed to add a line to the rs section to take the items out of quantity needed and that fixed that issue.
Sat 3/10
Putting Access Databases OnlinePutting Access Databases Online by Shallena A: What does that mean? Is that somewhere online? Are you saying to set up a server at home? I don't understand your answer. Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you see Access Expert Level 24? You can use MS SQL Server  more...
Sat 3/10
Microsoft Access ForumSub forms by Richard L: When I add a sub form, it is a vertical sequence of forms I can scroll through. I would like to scroll horizontally. How do I do that? Can I do that? Is there a way to show a sequence of forms in a 4 x 4 grid? Reply from Alex Hedley: You could use a CrossTab Query but no Access works with ROWS, it's not like EXCEL in that way.
Sat 3/10
Microsoft Access Expert 24Microsoft Access Expert 24 by Rhys T: When it's on a shared drive, it creates dublicate back ends... Just copies the folder if more than one person is entering data. Reply from Alex Hedley: So you have the BE on the Shared Drive and the FE on each user's PC. When they open the FE on their PC it creates another BE on the shared server? If a second user opens  more...
Fri 3/9
Putting Access Databases OnlinePutting Access Databases Online by Steve V: Tried going to GoDaddy and what a mess! No one there seems to understand what I'm looking for. They keep trying to sell me an expensive product. $949 for 36 months but will give me a starting deal for $579 for 36 months. Won't go shorter than 36 months. Reply from Alex Hedley: Might be worth using MS SQL Server  more...
Fri 3/9
Microsoft Access 320I have only one Microsoft DAO 3 6 Object Library by Gioia Heiser: I have only one: Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library however when I check the box to add it I get "Error in Loading DLL". I'm using Office 365 on a 64 bit Windows 10 Home Machine. The only other references I have loaded are: Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Access 16.0 Object  more...
Fri 3/9
Microsoft Access ForumFiltering Subforms on Main Form by Stephen K: Hi guys, I have a continuous subform on my main form. In the subform, i have set up a textbox and search button in the subforms footer. Behind the search button is a macro that looks up the text of the content in the textbox and filters the form accordingly. The filter works perfectly for the subform when its not in  more...

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