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Fri 1/30
Microsoft Access ForumCredit Card Data Selection and Editing by Colin M: I have an order form that needs to have a subform where I can select the data from one of several credit cards on file for each customer. It needs to insert those fields into the subform and allow me to edit the fields, if necessary, and save the fields in the OrderT table. The fields saved in the  more...
Fri 1/30
Access Open Other Programs SeminarAccess Open Other Programs Seminar by Nicholas S: Where do I find the sample database with the code in it please? regards Nick Reply from Alex Hedley: That would be the Student Databases page. Make sure to have your course key handy to unlock it.
Fri 1/30
Microsoft Access ForumExport Sub Report by Monica Quan: Access2010 outputting report with subreport to excel and get error "Object variable or With block variable not set" then Access just aborts when you click cancel. Same report without report, outputs to excel no problem. Thank you for your help. Reply from Alex Hedley: I don't think you can export a Report with a Sub Report. Access is  more...
Fri 1/30
Microsoft Access ForumWeb browser by Willem: Hi Richard / Alex I have a continues sub form on a Main form with the web browser. When I click on the parcel number in the Sub form, it copies a URL & parcel number to the main form URL field. On the main form i have a button to run the code to open the browser on that URL. I want to change it so that I only need to click once on the parcel number and it  more...
Fri 1/30
Microsoft Access ForumScreenshot by William: Complie error: "Variable no defined" "Clipboard" in the following __________________________________________ '\\ Save Picture Object stdole.SavePicture IPic, FilePathName Dim oPic On Error Resume Next Set oPic = Clipboard.GetData On Error GoTo 0 If oPic Is Nothing Then 'no image in clipboard' 'msgbox "No  more...
Thu 1/29
Access Open Other Programs SeminarImages and Videos in Form by Richard Lanoue: I really enjoyed this seminar and it brought a lot of ideas to my projects... Will you do a continuation on this such as: Use data collected and use it to display pie charts, bar and line graphs? Also, I enjoyed how I can have a Form where a frame displays an image from file, I want to have it display video in a frame on  more...
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumDates in Append Query by Pamela F: Queries with dates. When I am using my append queries to pass date fields from one table to another table in my database the date field information is blank. For some reason the dates do not show up in the 2nd database. They are all designated as short dates. Hope someone can quickly sort this one out for me. Reply from Alex Hedley:  more...
Thu 1/29
Next Up: Date Time Functions in AccessAssistance please by michael: good morning sir, Please sir how do i display a record or a particular Field that is in FORM1 in another FORM2 In Access 2007 thanks in anticipation Reply from Alex Hedley: You could create a Query using the criteria of the Form 1 value.
Thu 1/29
Word 2007 Basic 3Hyperlinks by Padma Velaga: I am so exited to know about hyperlink that can take you to other documents and files. I have been waiting for this lesson. Your classes are very informative.
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access Expert 13Just a point of clarification by Chris Thompson: Just a point of clarification. At 18:41 you say that "...the focus of the advanced classes is going to be on Macro design; but there are some things at are so much easier to do if I can just teach you a little bit macro editing...". Is that what you meant to say or should it have been "VBA design" and "macro  more...
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumForm Design Themes is Grayed by Karena: I am using Access 2013. I am in design view of a form. In the Form Design Tools/ Design the Themes is grayed. I have clicked on the background of the form and the 'Detail' bar is highlighted. Reply from Alex Hedley: Is this a new db? Is it an mdb or accdb? If you create a new one does it happen?
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumRules Database by Gerald W: I am designing a rules database and need some pointers in getting started. If I have several different field names from different UI's should I group all of the fields into one table? For example: tblFieldNames would contain all the possible fields names of every UI or should I break the fields names into different tables by the system they represent? I  more...
Thu 1/29
Access 2010 Beginner 7Search for Customer by Julio Perez: Is there a way to create a form that you can add info to update the main table? By searching a specific customer, and just adding the details in the form? Reply from Alex Hedley: You could use this TIP.
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Word ForumHeader Footer Not Visible When Opening New Doc by Steve Jones: When I go to file/new to open a new doc, the header and footer areas are not viewable. I have to go to Insert/Header to make them appear. It used to be that when I opened a new doc, the header and footer areas were visible in the "Print Layout" view. How can I get back to the point where  more...
Thu 1/29
Access 2010 Beginner 7Split across forms by Julio Perez: What if our data is large and we have to separate it into 3 different forms, how do you link all 3 forms to the same customer? Without having to requery each form. And have it update the master table with any notes or changes. Reply from Alex Hedley: Not that I like them you could use the new nav forms or use a tabbed control
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumField Table Name by Harry Mullin: I create a TID ("Table ID") field for each table and a TableT to list and describe all tables. The log function then references the TID and the field name which reliably references what I need.
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumScreenshot by Willem: How to take a screenshot and save it as bitmap. Richard maybe you can make a quick seminar about it? Option Compare Database Option Explicit Private Declare Sub keybd_event Lib "user32" (ByVal bVk As Byte, ByVal _ bScan As Byte, ByVal dwFlags As Long, ByVal dwExtraInfo As Long) Private Const VK_SNAPSHOT = &H2C Private Declare Function OpenClipboard  more...
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumExcel Functions in Access by Selby H: Dear Richard, Is it possible to use the Trend Function and others from Excel using both the Excel Reference Library and also using VBA?. Would make a great seminar, Using Excel Functions in Access All the best, Thanks so much for your knowledge on topics you cover. I have learnt so much from you. Excellent. Regards Selby Halfpenny  more...
Thu 1/29
Microsoft Access ForumField Table Name by Kevin: The log records any changes or additions made to the DB (deletions are recorded elsewhere). I want administrators to be able to associate every change to back to the table the information is stored at. Reply from Alex Hedley: I don't think there is a way to find out the Table a Field is linked to since each Table could have the same Field Names  more...
Wed 1/28
Microsoft Access ForumDLookup by Sonia: Seed, thank you. I will give that a try. At this point I have tried everything.

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