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Sun 8/30
Access 2010 Expert 1Database Password by Aaron R: Thank you. I was able to open it, but fr some reason, when I try to save it (or open up another file), the screen flickers a lot and ultimately does not let me save or open. Any ideas? Reply from Alex Hedley: Try a Compact and Repair
Sun 8/30
Microsoft Access ForumRounding by Robert S: High Richard I am the Captain of a seniors Golf Club, one of my tasks as Captain is to maintain records of competition results and scores. I was doing some work the other day when I noticed a problem with the process of rounding data. When using the "Round([Field],0)" I found that odd numbers, i.e. 11.5, 13.5, 15.5 rounded up to the next full number (12, 14 and  more...
Sat 8/29
Microsoft Access Expert 9Barcodes by Cheryl Hokanson: Alex, The answer came to me in the wee hours of the morning. I had the master and child link set to OrderID, this would only give me a barcode for one order but the ticket is for 'the many' which is found on the OrderDetailID. I changed and walah....each ticket had its own barcode. Reply from Alex Hedley: Great stuff, thanks for letting me  more...
Sat 8/29
Microsoft Access ForumTime Management by ron: Thanks for the offer. However I am just at the beginner stage so I want to get a better grounding in the program before setting up a my own specialised arrangements. Reply from Alex Hedley: Beginner Level 1 would be a great place to start your journey.
Sat 8/29
Microsoft Access ForumVBA instead of Macros by Ray W: Yes I did.. Reply from Alex Hedley: Are you using the Wizard as that will still use Macros, cancel that and click ... against the Event
Fri 8/28
Access 2010 Expert 1Database Password by Aaron Ross: I downloaded the database but it is requiring a password to open it. Where do I find that? Reply from Alex Hedley: The Database Password is the same as the Course password. Just go to your account and find it under My Courses Or see this more...
Thu 8/27
Microsoft Access Expert 16State CustomerT by Clarice Barkhordarian: Sorry, I figured out what it was. In my CustomerT for the State I have input mask = >L?? that was not transferred to the new table.
Thu 8/27
Microsoft Access Expert 16State CustomerT by Clarice Barkhordarian: The State in my CustomerT is 2 letters in Caps but in the new table it changes to lower case. Why is that? and how can I change that?
Thu 8/27
Microsoft Access Expert 9Barcodes by Cheryl Hokanson: Richard, I'm trying to include Barcodes in a working database. I have a subreport barcode, OrderID/ProductID on a order ticket. The first one is positioned correctly on the ticket but the other subrport barcodes all stack up on each page not in the position that I placed them in design view. What do you think? Reply from Alex Hedley: If you go to  more...
Thu 8/27
Decided: Access, SharePoint, or ASP?Decided Access SharePoint or ASP by Karen Jones: Our firm is planning on utilizing SharePoint, so am interested in information re its use
Thu 8/27
Problems with Sample Student DatabasesProblems with Sample Student Databases by JOHN USHIE: I want create form or design Reply from Alex Hedley: If you start with Beginner Level 1.
Thu 8/27
Problems with Sample Student Databaseslearning access database by JOHN USHIE: I'm a student. I want to be ms access expert as a database management student with National Open University of Nigeria. I love your study system. thank you. may God keeps your life.
Thu 8/27
Access 2010 Beginner 9Parameter error by Robert Wiebel: I am using 2007 2013 - I get the parameter error message because FirstName and LastName are already field names. Reply from Alex Hedley: I'm not sure what your question is?
Wed 8/26
Microsoft Access ForumVBA instead of Macros by Ray W: access 2010 how can I change the way buttons are created with VBA instead of macros? I went to Options, Object Designers and checked the (Always use Event Procedures) But it still uses Macros??? Reply from Alex Hedley: Did you save, close and re-open the db?
Wed 8/26
Microsoft Access Expert 24Write Conflict by Brauna Rosen: Hi Alex, I have not yet resolved this. I tried the Record Locks on Client Settings. The database is stored locally, on my machine. Godaddy could not help me with this issue. You mentioned a "previously Linked article" but I did not see it. Could you send me the link for that. Thanks Brauna Reply from Alex Hedley: The blue underlined  more...
Wed 8/26
Access Calendar SeminarMonthlyCalendarF by Phil Bauckham: Hi Richard and team. I sent you a message yesterday regarding an 'Enter Parameter Value' message box I was receiving which then locked up my access 2015 program. I've unpicked all the second extension lesson (adding more control buttons) and redone the programming. Everything now works, except if I try and open the MonthlyCalendarF directly  more...
Tue 8/25
Microsoft Access ForumTime Management by ron: I want to use Access as a time management system. Because Access is a relational database, I should be able to connect events etc across time. Eg: I purchase something and record the event by time and date. Later I search for the record of the purchase and get the date and time of purchase. I recognize that Access is a powerful program and more than  more...
Tue 8/25
Access Calendar SeminarMonthlyCalendarF by Phil Bauckham: Hi Richard. I've completed the calendar in MS Office 2013 and it all works fine. A few times now though, when clicking directly onto the 'MonthlyCalendarF' form, I get an 'Enter Parameter Value ?, Forms!DatePicker!startDate' box, which locks up my entire program; pressing 'OK', 'Cancel' and 'X' does not allow me to bypass it. I have to use  more...
Tue 8/25
Access 2010 Beginner 1Append by g sims: You mention one can add prefixes and suffixes to names. How about when you need a comma, Esquire. How do you append a comma Esquire to last names? Reply from Alex Hedley: Is this for every person?
Tue 8/25
Microsoft Access ForumImage Properties by aharon m: hi alex is this possible to get also the files on the sub directries Reply from Alex Hedley: Allen Browne has a Function for that. List Files Recursively

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