If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Wed 5/10
General Discussion ForumJava programming by blaise a: hi, I would like to have courses on java programming Reply from Alex Hedley: It's unlikely to happen, but is there something in particular you are wanting to learn about Java, is this for Android programming or desktop applications?
Wed 5/10
Microsoft Access ForumRandom code generator by Ingrid L: I was able to get a unique rnd number for each ID, but I would like to record the rnd number without changing every time you open the record. In your video I notice that you talked about the issue, but no fix is given on how to stop the number from changing once it has been assigned to an ID.
Tue 5/9
Microsoft Access ForumTo Reference Subform by Scott A: Alex, thank you for getting back. A lot of stuff you have suggeted has helped greatly. Unfortunately this missed the mark. Its my fault, I did a poor job of explaining. I created a module, purposed to update combo box lists. They are on forms and on subforms. And since there are multiple from different forms, etc, I want a variable to pass  more...
Tue 5/9
Access Database Security SeminarUnAssignedServiceQ by Shane Johnson: Richard sorry it was what I thought just a glitch. Went back and deleted the 0's noproblem but did compact and clean up yesterday before I quit.
Tue 5/9
Access Database Security SeminarUnAssignedServiceQ by Shane Johnson: Richard, thanks for the video's. My issues spans or I think it spans several video's. I am using Access 2016 and when I built the UnAssignedServiceQ you had us put (is Null) in the ServicedBy section. When I ran the query it reveled nothing. As I tried to diagnoss before I bothered you I had replaced the (is Null) with a 0 and it worked. So  more...
Tue 5/9
Microsoft Access ForumRandom code generator by Ingrid L: The column that has the Random number seems to change every time the data is accessed, how can I record a random number on a query without it changing once it has been generated. Reply from Alex Hedley: Where is the rnd() being called? You either have a function that runs on form load or an after update event that runs when a  more...
Mon 5/8
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2016 password not working by Kevin Robertson : Hi Guy Have you tried holding down the shift key when opening your database?
Mon 5/8
Microsoft Access ForumRegistration db by Dennis O: I hope I can get this question answered. I have my database for the members of our organization and every year we hold a convention. 2016 was the first year using access to handle my registration. The 2016 registration went well. Now I'm setting up for the 2017 convention. I learned how to place a second order from one of the 2003 Developer301 series,  more...
Sun 5/7
Microsoft Access ForumImages by Antonio M: I had problems when I broght the image icon to the employee badge design form. I followed same steps in how to create a logo and bring to the image icon, creating it on paint brush as the exercise explained. However, the bmp file was expanded much larger when included in the image icon in the employee's badge design form, and the print preview did not show the logo in  more...
Sun 5/7
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2016 password not working by Guy S: Yes I have tried the caps just in case, not sure what happen as you need to enter twice and I use the same pass for windows hmmm. yes I plan on doing exactly that, thank you
Sun 5/7
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2016 password not working by Guy S: Thanks Alex, all though I disagree.Been doing this for a long time and there are software programs that secure far more valuable data WITH recover options. But, I appreciate your help, will review the security seminars when time permits. Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you tried toggling CAPS just in case it was on  more...
Sat 5/6
Microsoft Access ForumReport Breaks by Dennis O: Thanks for your reply. Let me try to fine tune my question. I have 7 area reps. (Southern CA, Northern CA, AZ, NM, NV, etc. Can I use a drop box that when I select Northern CA. it will only print the Northern CA report. If I select NV, it will only print the NV report. If I want to print all area reps it will print all. My plan is to send the reps a pdf  more...
Fri 5/5
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2016 password not working by Guy S: Its absolutely stupid, there is no password recover with Access. This make the program not worth using!! Reply from Alex Hedley: How would a password recover work? That would make the encryption by-passable making the password pointless. There are other ways you can protect the db like covered in the more...
Fri 5/5
Microsoft Access ForumTo Reference Subform by Scott A: Hey everyone. Does anyone know the correct verbage for referencing a subform? Trying to do it from a public module and its not wanting to work itself out. The subform feeds a list of groups that the main form record relates to. The module updates the list, as there are a couple of unique instances in the Database. If I type out the  more...
Fri 5/5
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2016 password not working by Guy S: Yes I do, just the one is password protected?
Fri 5/5
Access Work Order SeminarPurchase Order by Shallena A: It wont create the query correctly, everything shows up double or triple Reply from Alex Hedley: Sounds like a Cartesian product to me. Don't join all the tables in one query, build them up in multiple queries.
Fri 5/5
Microsoft Access ForumRelational Tables by Carolyn W: Thanks. I guess I'm not to that lesson yet. Reply from Alex Hedley: Many-Many Relationships
Fri 5/5
Microsoft Access ForumRelational Tables by Carolyn W: I've confused myself - If I have a student table, instructor table, and instrument table do I set up a 4th table with student to instructor, student to instrument, etc. or is that all done with queries? Reply from Alex Hedley: You'll need the Junction tables: StudentXInstructor StudentXInstrument
Thu 5/4
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2016 password not working by GSIGuy: Hi guys, my database decided to lock me out, always use same password, now it does't work. Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you have any backups that work?
Tue 5/2
Microsoft Excel ForumPurchase Question by ADAM S: Yes, i used the same email address. I have looked in the Theater, logged out & back in. However I am still not seeing anything. Reply from Alex Hedley: I've passed this onto Rich, he'll be in touch shortly. Did you get an email confirmation with an Order #?

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