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Sat 10/27
Microsoft Access Forummulti select list boxes by Richard R: Question: What purpose does a combo box with multiple value selections have? I can set it up and get it displayed in a form correctly, but I have a hard time what purpose this serves in a database. Does it act as like a sub-table for lack of better terms. I ask because I am attempting to create a training attendance tracking and  more...
Sat 10/20
Microsoft Access Email SeminarSurvey by George Bowyer: When I send the survey out, it is arriving without any carriage returns in the plain text message; ie: the "form" is all on one line of text. Reply from Alex Hedley: Does the text contain newline characters? You may need to check for these and add/convert if not there
Thu 10/18
Microsoft Access ForumVideo Embed by Richard L: I've played around and found on the web, how to embed a video media player. It works great. But I'd like to create a button that moves the track bar 10 seconds and another that skips the track bar ahead 30 seconds. What is the code for that? Reply from Alex Hedley: Depends what code you used to embed a video, what did you use?
Thu 10/18
Microsoft Access Email SeminarOutlook Account by George Bowyer: Thanks. This code works fine for selecting a different outlook account.
Tue 10/16
Microsoft Access ForumNew Class by Damien N: Working through Access Expert 15, it occurs to that it would be useful to add a new Class and load all current students into the form. Is this possible? Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: You could run an INSERT statement that loops the students and adds them to the Class Table.
Tue 10/16
Microsoft Access Email SeminarCopy Existing Field by George Bowyer: Is there any specific reason why, when adding a new bound field, you always copy an existing field and change the source rather then using the "available fields" feature - or is it just because you got in the habit of doing it that way ? Reply from Alex Hedley: Formatting! If you drag on a new Field it has the default formatting  more...
Mon 10/15
Microsoft Access ForumImaging Seminar by Frits d: 7/11/2018 Dear Alex, I like to send you a .ppt file with my answer. I hope that it is convenient to you and to understand my question.Greatings, Frits de Beer Reply from Alex Hedley: It's easier to upload the file to a sharing site like google drive, dropbox, imgr etc and share a public link
Sun 10/14
Microsoft Access ForumPage Level Locking by Anne : Just in case this helps anyone else, I've since discovered a solution to this issue. Anywhere we used update and append type queries we converted to recordsets instead. This fixed the problem of "group" recordlocking. Hope this helps others! Anne
Fri 10/12
Microsoft Access ForumSalesByMonthQ by John M: Does anyone know what lesson "SalesByMonthQ" is created in the PCResale Database - I've trawled by lessons and can't find it. I'm on Expert 10 now and a reference is made to the query. Reply from Alex Hedley: Expert 11 mentions it but it might be before. An index  more...
Wed 10/10
Microsoft Access ForumSearch Forum by T-Bone: Is there a way to search the forum for a particular topic? If so, can you instruct me on how to do this please? I am looking for a way to add multiple levels to my BOM and use FIFO. Reply from Alex Hedley: The search bar on every page of the website searches multiple places on the site including the blog/forum etc. Or use google and have  more...
Thu 10/4
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Gregory C. S: I like the VBA lessons. Unfortunately, I have had a couple instances when the server has dropped a connection and the VBA is removed; not just damaged. I have to have VBA but I freaked out a bit when the only table that was in my database today was MSysCompactError. All of the other tables and queries were gone. Forms, Reports,  more...
Thu 10/4
Microsoft Excel ForumExcel and Access data transfer by John M: Hello, I am wanting to find out if this is possible or not, before I spend a lot of time looking. I have an Access DB and was wondering if you can transfer data out of Access into a pre-made Excel spreadsheet? I know and am able to transfer data into excel but not into a specific form. Thanks in advance. Reply from Alex  more...
Wed 10/3
Microsoft Access ForumDates by Selby H: Dear Alex, Sorry for the late reply. I found this worked for myself. I have the TextBoxA on form and TextBoxB on form Dim V as Variant V=me!TextBoxA.value runcommand accmdrecordsgotonew me!TextBoxB.value = V This worked for myself - carried the previous record over to the following record. All the best Selby Halfpenny
Wed 10/3
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Selby H: Dear Richard, Can you help with some ideas and possibly some Access VBA to change the resolution of the screen or make the form adjust to a different screen resolution when the form loads. Example, I build a database with forms on one computer and move the DB to another computer and the Screen Resolution of that Database on the other  more...
Tue 10/2
Microsoft Access ForumMake Table Error Message by Michael C: Did you figure this out? If not, did you try running a query to see the value stored in each field? I think this way, you could identify the field causing the issue.
Tue 10/2
Microsoft Access ForumCalculated Fields by Robert M: Query Calculated Fields: Can one create a calculated "field" in a query utilizing another calculated field in the same query. Example> I want to 1st group by "type", then count the number of like "types" from a table and in the same query use the "types" count to multipy each "type" by a match "type" value from another table (Hope that makes  more...
Mon 10/1
Excel 2010 Beginner 1Folders by samuel campbell: I believe that I need some of the WORD classes to learn how to create folders etc. How do I get started on that? my last job required me to make daily reports and place them into folders with pictures taken daily. I could not and lost the job. Reply from Alex Hedley: This is more a WINDOWS thing, have you taken any of those courses?
Mon 10/1
Microsoft Access ForumUnable to see the header and footer in Form View by Karen C: Can anyone tell me why I cannot see my header and footer in Form View? Is there a default that I have accidentally changed? Anything I look up online involves VBA code, and I am not familiar with that yet. Thanks. Reply from Alex Hedley: There are two headers/footers, did you  more...
Sun 9/30
Access Search SeminarNo Results by Richard Lanoue: How do you make it so if you do a search and there is no record matching. that the list box says "No records found" Your lesson hear works when the result opens up a form. I want it to work when the results are in a list box. How do I do that? Reply from Alex Hedley: You could toggle the results and a label, so if nothing is returned hide one  more...
Fri 9/28
Microsoft Access ForumCalculate the Percentage from a Union Query by jannette j: I have a query that shows me what workorders are in compliance. I created a union query SELECT Count(*) AS LEW FROM MaximoReportT WHERE (((MaximoReportT.Status)="COMP") AND ((MaximoReportT.ActualLaborHours)>"00:00") AND ((MaximoReportT.ActualStartDate) Between [Enter the Start Date] And  more...

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