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Fri 4/24
Microsoft Access ForumFormat back color to be like gray by Bob Lilly: Hi Alex: It worked like a piece of cake. Thanks a million. Bob Lilly Reply from Alex Hedley: Awesome :)
Fri 4/24
Microsoft Access Expert 22Address DLookUp Address Sheet1 Customer by Jeffrey Ervin: Address: DLookUp("Address","Sheet1","Customer=""" & [Customer] & """ AND [Order Date]=#" & [MaxOD] & "#") I got this to work but only when messing around with order dates from the table sheet1, for eg. I had to make the date for Customer "XYZ Inc" at "1001 Starship' more recent then  more...
Thu 4/23
Microsoft Access Forummdb file creation when compacting and close by Uriel R: We all have the same read-write permissions Reply from Alex Hedley: Are they full rights? Do you have delete permissions too? The compact/repair creates a new db, copies over the objects, then deletes the old one, if there are permissions issues this could cause a problem. If you run-as  more...
Thu 4/23
Microsoft Access Expert 22dlookup function by Jeffrey Ervin: Hi Having Problems with the dlookup function, just cannot get it to work. At 13:00 Fixing non relational. Reply from Alex Hedley: Can you share your code please
Thu 4/23
Microsoft Access ForumFormat back color to be like gray by Bob Lilly: Hi Alex: I have an access file that contains 33,000 rows and 200 columns. All the cells contain a null, 1 or -1. Is there a way that I can format all the cells that contain a -1 to show the back color to be light gray. Thanks in advance. Bob Lilly Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you tried a more...
Thu 4/23
Access 2010 Expert 1Database Password by Rachel Mychajluk: Hi there. This might be very obvious, but I'm noticing that I need a password to open the associated database online. Is that listed somewhere? Thank you! Reply from Alex Hedley: The db password matches the Course password which you can find in the My Course link in your account. more...
Thu 4/23
Microsoft Access ForumIdiosyncracy in Producing Report by Charlotte K: I have a simple report that selects a record from a table. It works great with all but one record. I have examined the errant record, even retyped it and still the report does not pick it up. Are there certain reserved syllables or letters in the record that are not compatible with Access? The Query does not  more...
Thu 4/23
Access 2010 Beginner 4Indexing is not an option by Toni Woodbridge: Example please? Reply from Alex Hedley: Relationships are covered in Expert 1 When you create a Table you'll usually have an AutoNumber Field as your ID. When you want to create a Relationship to another Table you can add a Foreign  more...
Thu 4/23
Excel 2010 Beginner 2Copy Formula by Ginny Y: OK, but what if I'm entering new information into that cell where the total is? My columns are Name, Date, Title, Type, XHours and YHours. I'd put TOTAL in cells E5 and F5. Now I have to enter information in Row 6, including into cells E5 and F5. Are you saying that I should just drag the formulas from E5 and F5 down into E6 and F6 and so on, as I add  more...
Thu 4/23
Excel 2010 Beginner 2Copy Formula by Ginny Yager: Hi Richard, this is probably coming up in a future lesson (I'm only on Beginner Level 2-3), but it's something I'm being asked to do now. I need to create a spreadsheet for training. I know how to insert a formula to get a total, but what if I'm not finished entering information? If I put the formula in cell E24, but still have to enter other  more...
Thu 4/23
Microsoft Access Email SeminarEmail Merge to Word Multiple Accounts by Brauna Rosen: Hi Richard, If I want to use the Email Merge to Word and I have a few email accounts in Outlook, how do I choose the correct "From" email address? Great Seminar! Thanks, Brauna Reply from Alex Hedley: You can't unfortunately You'll have to create a profile with just one account, not multiple  more...
Thu 4/23
Microsoft Access Forummdb file creation when compacting and close by Uriel R: No, it just creates a file named "Database.mdb", I wouldn't mind it but sometimes it tries to save or retire data form it and it gives me an error, my database is fine after it and no problem but they "Database.mdb" file stays behind and it uses space on the hard drive. Other users use the database  more...
Wed 4/22
Microsoft Access ForumRecord Input form will not assign new primary key by Lee A: Record Input form will not assign new primary key for new record - thus, no new record. It did work -- I don't know how I destroyed it. I have multiple interrelated tables. Reply from Alex Hedley: Is the Record Source for your Form a Query? If you open the Query does it have  more...
Wed 4/22
Microsoft Access Expert 7I m trying to place a control button in my databas by Yolande Villeneuve: I'm trying to place a control button in my database so I may open another table. I have done it before with Access 2010 but now with 2013 it will not work. The message is "The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error:  more...
Tue 4/21
Microsoft Access ForumSpreadsheet to Database by Art Seemann: I learned from the first lessons how to paste data to Access from a spreadsheet. So, now can I add more data from a spreadsheet to the table created with the first spreadsheet? Reply from Alex Hedley: You can keep adding data to the same table If the columns match just copy and paste it into a new row.
Tue 4/21
Microsoft Access Forummdb file creation when compacting and close by Uriel R: I have access 2010 32 bit version and I always use the close and compact option on access. Lately I have noticed that overtime I exit any database a mdb file is created. Is this normal? Why access does that? Reply from Alex Hedley: The Compact and Repair tool is the same way you create a  more...
Tue 4/21
Microsoft Access ForumEnd of Month calc by Bill Plamondon: Alex, I have tried the tip and it works for me. My problem was with the Intermec devices conflicting with the module. Reply from Alex Hedley: Intermec devices?
Tue 4/21
Microsoft Access ForumEnd of Month calc by Bill Plamondon: I am trying to figure out how to round my calibration due dates to the end of the month. I have a field [CalDate] which is the date of the instrument calibration. I have a field [Months] which is a number of months for the calibration cycle. This changes from instrument to instrument. In my query I am using the following to calculate my  more...
Tue 4/21
Access 2010 Beginner 8Search Combo by Cheryl White: I tried to add a search combo box to an existing form that I use to enter new records but could not get it to work. I then created an new form and copied all the fields to it and the search combo box worked. I compared the form properties but could not figure out why I was not able to add the search combo box to an existing form. Is there a specific  more...
Tue 4/21
Microsoft Access ForumValidation of dates acces 2007 by benjamin ole w: Hi I am doing a database on patient medical records. I have 4 consecutive dates i.e. Date of birth, date of diagnosis, date of remission and follow up date. I would like to generate a validation rule that says "date of diagnosis is after date of birth" And does not allow you to enter a date that does not comply  more...

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