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Sun 7/23
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Expert 15 Attendance Append Query by Alex H: It's in Developer 3, Lesson 1
Fri 7/21
Microsoft Access ForumBirthday by lauro c: I have a list of birthdates in my table. I know how to qry the bdays for the current month, but how can I QRY birthday celebrants for the next month? If current month is JUL- I want to know who will have Bdays for next month (AUG) Reply from Alex Hedley: Check out Expert  more...
Thu 7/20
Microsoft Access ForumSharing a database online by Nicholas S: Hi, you might be better off setting up a vpn, Access has restrictions online through Sharepoint and web browsers regards Nick
Thu 7/20
Microsoft Access Email SeminarAccess Email Seminar Regarding Lesson 2 by Kristin W: Alex, Thanks for your help. Shortly after I sent you the email I realized where the sample db was. I will check the code to ensure I'm not missing anything.
Wed 7/19
New Access Tip: Restart Page NumbersNew Access Tip Restart Page Numbers by Sandra M: Thanks again for your reply on restarting page numbers while printing report as a booklet. Is it possible to get an example of the VBA for having a query loop? It would be nice to double-check what I am planning on doing. Thanks. Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you worked with more...
Wed 7/19
Microsoft Access ForumPopup issue by Gregory C. S: Well, splitting the database and pushing the Front Ends to the Desktops of the users did eliminate the "...not have exclusive access..." errors. However, perhaps because my AutoExec macro opens 6 tabbed forms, some of the users are getting errors that say, "Cannot open any more databases." I have urged the users to close a couple forms and that seems to  more...
Wed 7/19
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Expert 15 Attendance Append Query by Gioia H: Hi you mentioned that there is a VBA code to prevent adding duplicate records in the append query. Where can I find that? Reply from Alex Hedley: It's likely in one of the old 300 series or will be covered in the new Developer Series. You could either set an Index with No Duplicates or use a more...
Wed 7/19
Microsoft Access ForumDollar sign infrom of variables by Alex Hedley: Glossary http://599cd.com/glossary/access/datatypes/ $ version returns a String, and the non $ version returns a variant
Tue 7/18
Microsoft Access ForumSharing a database online by Sandra M: Hello. I've been using Access for many years now in a small office setting, through a local network. When we opened a second branch, we made copies of the databases we shared and pasted them on first, a Microsoft Server, and now on One Drive, and the second branch used them as read only. I'd like to share the databases in a more  more...
Tue 7/18
Microsoft Access ForumDollar sign infrom of variables by MUBEEZI M: Hi Alex, Sometimes i encounter Access VBA code written with dollar signs in front of variables or inbuilt functions like so; 'Remove the unnecessary chr$(0)'s GetSpecialfolder = Left$(Path, InStr(Path, Chr$(0)) - 1) Can you spare a moment and explain what they mean and where to use/not use  more...
Tue 7/18
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Developer Level 2 Video 4 by MUBEEZI M: Hi Rick and Alex, I am posting this here because the comment section in the player failed to load. Time Index 9:11 I am equally shocked. I tried it out myself in Access 2016 and it worked. When did it start working like this? But one other thing. I dont see DoCmd.SetWarnings False but yet no warning pops up  more...
Mon 7/17
Microsoft Access Foruminsert multiple queries without Access hanging by MUBEEZI M: Hi Rick, Alex and fellow students, I recently went into a situation where the governement subdivided the country from 80 to over 250 counties. This meant that i had to update the backend of my database. Some of the users are very far and i cant practically reach them. So i wrote over  more...
Mon 7/17
Microsoft Access ForumPopup issue by Gregory C. S: I watched Richard's videos about splitting the database 3 times and moved my dB before splitting it. I created a "READ THIS" file in the folder where the dB used to be. The Notepad file was my explanation to the users that they need to put a copy on their computer. The Notepad text for my users may help you. The text follows: In an attemt to get rid  more...
Mon 7/17
Microsoft Access Email SeminarAccess Email Seminar Regarding Lesson 2 by Kristin W: 1. Yes, I can set it to YES and it does allow me to edit so I know code 'call' is working 2. I can't seem to find the sample db. When I go to the suggested page, it brings up Seminar Source code, but no sample db Reply from Alex Hedley: 1. I'll have to check my sample db 2. Theres a  more...
Mon 7/17
Microsoft Access ForumPopup issue by Dorothy A: Awesome! THANKS
Sun 7/16
New Access Tip: Restart Page NumbersNew Access Tip Restart Page Numbers by Sandra M: Thank you. Will try.
Sun 7/16
Microsoft Access ForumDid Something Change by Michael: Thanks Alex. After more exhaustive internet research, I found that the issue is with Chrome and Flash Player. If anyone else runs into this, have them go into Settings / Advanced / Privacy and Security / Content Settings / Flash / Allow and then add 599cd.com. Not sure why/how this issue came up after watching without issue for a couple of  more...
Sun 7/16
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2010 Expert Level 8 lesson 4 by Ronny H: I'm working in Office 2010 - Norwegian version. And I found out that I have to replace , with ;. Then it all work as it should.
Sat 7/15
Microsoft Access ForumPopup issue by Gregory C. S: The question and Alex's tip was perfectly timed. We just started getting the same popup on my dB that has been stable for 6 years without being split. I think the cause was that I recently copied all of the objects into a newer-version blank database. One of my recent 599CD lessons suggested I import all of the objects into a dB when Compact and Repair  more...
Sat 7/15
Microsoft Access ForumCalculate Speed MPH by Gregory C. S: If the 000 is feet, need to convert to miles by using 5280 feet per mile. If miles, no conversion for that part. If tracking by seconds, use 3600 seconds per hour (60 seconds per minute x 60 minutes per hour) to convert to hour. Using similar conversions like that is how to get from 60 MPH to 88 ft/second and vice versa. If you  more...

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