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Fri 5/6
Microsoft Access ForumHighlight current day by Jim O: Here is the code I tried that does not work. If I take out the second If it runs fine. Jim O Private Sub Command13_Click() OpenCalendar End Sub Public Sub OpenCalendar() Dim X As Integer Dim S1 As String, S2 As String Dim C1 As String, C2 As String CalculateStartDate DoCmd.OpenForm  more...
Fri 5/6
Microsoft Access ForumHighlight current day by Jim O: I tried to add a Dim such as Dim CC1 and CC2 for todays date, then added another If section for todays color, but I am just guessing as to how it all fits together. Short personnel history, I'm 71 and this is sort of a hobby to keep me occupied and so I have no programing or VBA experience. Its very interesting but is a long learning  more...
Thu 5/5
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Derek P: I am using Access 2016 and I am working thru your Access Security Seminar less 5 and I am getting a Compile Error and Syntax error and I am not sure what to do. This is the code: Private Sub Command6_Click() ' check if the user is an ADMIN Dim X As Long X = Nz(DLookup("ID", "GroupXUserT", "UserID=" & txtUserID  more...
Wed 5/4
599CD Free Demo Lessons599CD Free Demo Lessons by ChrisNordjo: Actually i m in ghana how can i get the full program from level 1 to level 5. and also let me know the mode of payment Reply from Alex Hedley: You can ORDER them. Click here for: Payment Methods
Wed 5/4
Microsoft Access ForumAccurate Age calculator by Virginia M: How could I calculate age in years,months and days, it seems a bit complicated. Reply from Alex Hedley: Maybe X28 can help
Wed 5/4
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Robert : Hi, Im looking for a way to open multiple customer forms. Here is my example: Im working my sales list and then I get 1 more calls that come in right away. I want to be able to put the current call on hold, search for my incoming call in the DB, but when I do this the current customer record changes to the record that called in. I then  more...
Tue 5/3
Microsoft Access ForumHighlight current day by Jim O: I built a calendar as suggested in the Calendar Seminar and it works fine. I would like to add a feature where if the current month is displayed the current day is highlighted. I made a few attempts but with no success. How can I accomplish this? Thanks. Jim O Reply from Alex Hedley: Just before I suggest an answer can you share the  more...
Tue 5/3
Microsoft Access ForumOpen a form and start at search box at bottom by Larisa W: Sorry for the basic question on this, but how do I set properties on the form itself rather than the objects within it. I'd also like to set focus upon opening the form like OP, but don't know where to look for the CONTROLSetFocus Reply from Alex Hedley: Click the top left hand  more...
Tue 5/3
Microsoft Access ForumSettings Table by Larisa W: I am developing a database starting with the Microsoft example database for Contacts. It has a Settings table that has three fields: ID (AutoNumber), ShowWelcome (Yes/No) and CurrentForm (Text, populated with number "10"). It causes a Welcome form to appear upon launching the database. What configures the use of this (or any similar) table by the  more...
Tue 5/3
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Selby H: Dear Richard, Is there a way to display an image with a 50% transparent background on a form? All the Best Richard. Thanks to Alex for his help. Kindest Regards Selby Reply from Alex Hedley: You could have another image on top that you've created a blur effect on, that already has a transparency set. It would then be layered I  more...
Mon 5/2
Microsoft Access 302Refreshing totals when changing quantities by Rik G: We have VBA code to refresh after selecting a product, but where and how would be the best place to refresh.totals after updating the quantity? Reply from Alex Hedley: If the calculated field is in the Query when you update the values that make the calculation it will automatically update. If  more...
Mon 5/2
Microsoft Access ForumI have created a query where I have an Yes No fiel by MICHAEL J: I have created a query where I have an Yes/No field from my table and used the Is Not Null criteria. When I run the query it still shows everything. Can someone tell me what I have gone wrong. Reply from Alex Hedley: Do you actually want to check for NULLs or would it be  more...
Mon 5/2
Access Calendar SeminarCalendar Seminar by Jeremy Heckman: I purchased the Calendar Seminar (among many other lessons) and have a question about it. I am attempting to build a weekly "appointment book." If your seminar you say you can just "chop off the weeks you don't need" to make it weekly or bi-weekly. However how do you get it to show the first Sunday before the day you pick instead of the  more...
Sun 5/1
Access Calendar SeminarCalendar Video 1020 by Jack : I'm watching Calendar Video For at the 10:20 mark. I keep getting the error message "The expression is typed incorrectly, or it is too complex to be evaluated...". I'm running on the new Access 2016 My info: SELECT CalendarID, EmployeeName FROM CalendarQ WHERE DateTime>=Forms!DatePickerF!StartDate AND DateTimemore...
Sat 4/30
Microsoft Access ForumBeginner by simon b: A better solution would be to use a label under the drop down box and change its caption depending on the selection made in the drop down to display the range of income which is used for each selection
Sat 4/30
Access Calendar Seminar24 hour Day Schdule by Chip W: I am wondering if there is a lesson to make a 24 hour daily schedule. I am trying to make a scheduler for several interpreters who speak several languages and who will be manning the phones 24 hours a day. Sometimes the interpreters are full time with set schedules and sometimes the interpreters are part time floaters. I was thinking to make the  more...
Sat 4/30
Microsoft Access ForumHome Owners Association by MICHAEL J: I have a Db for a Home Owners Association and have been asked if there is a way to record the mthy dues payments. Example Amount due, discount, penalties, total paid, balance etc. I need a little inspiration does anyone have any suggestions or know of a tutorial. Reply from Alex Hedley: The more...
Sat 4/30
Customer Service PolicyCustomer Service Policy by Janice D: Hi, I purchased Access Expert Level 7 & 9 on the 14th April and have still not received it even though the payment cleared immediately. I have sent numerous contact messages to your Customer Services and have still to date not had a reply or received my lessons. Please could you sort this out for me urgently as I need to work on Expert  more...
Fri 4/29
Microsoft Access ForumHours Meals by Ramona W: I have a MealT (ID, Date Out, Date In, Destination) Then i have a MealQ (I Finally figured out how to add HOURS to calculate between Date Out and In) However I am trying to calculate Total Meals in the query as well. For Example: If Hours = 0 to 3.99 Then Meals = 0 If Hours = 4 to 8 Then Meals = 1 If Hous = Over 8 to 12 Then Meals = 2 If Hours =  more...
Thu 4/28
Access Calendar SeminarThe color for greying out non month date is washed by Jim O: vbRed works. I am not sure what I used first it may have been VbRed. It is not a serious issue just annoying. I would like to use a color of my own choosing. Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you tried adding a Hex code to see if that works, I'm sure it's now supported

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