If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Wed 3/4
Microsoft Access ForumRefresh After Update Form by Ramona Woitas: Thanks for reply! Just wondering what the difference is between them and which one is best to use Reply from Alex Hedley: This Tip should help.
Wed 3/4
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Date Time Seminar by Hamish: Hi Alex, I'm based in Australia where date starts with format dd/mm/yyyy. Regards Hamish Reply from Alex Hedley: Hamish, I too am dd/mm I've just tested the sample db. I changed the format on the Form and had the same issue. One option could be to add Format(Now(), "dd/mm/yy hh:nn") to the SQL. I'm having  more...
Wed 3/4
Microsoft Access ForumTimer by T-Bone: I am storing the data. This is why I have the question. When I come back into the record after leaving the record, the 'Start' button erases the value and stats over at "0". How can I make the timer start from where if left off? Reply from Alex Hedley: You could use the OnActivate Whatever the name of the Field in your Table is. Set that to the value of the  more...
Wed 3/4
Access 2010 Beginner 3ActiveX Properties by Kenny N: I have since been informed by the barcode provider that Licensee info is not accessible by code due to information sensitivity. As a general question, though, are all object properties that are accessible by code listed on the properties sheet, or are there "hidden" properties? Reply from Alex Hedley: Would depend how it was coded but  more...
Wed 3/4
Microsoft Access ForumRefresh After Update Form by Ramona W: What code do I need to put on a form to ensure that when a user updates any field (1 or more)on a form, that it is automatically saved right away? Reply from Alex Hedley: If Me.Dirty Then Me.Dirty = False Or you could use me.refresh or me.requery
Wed 3/4
Microsoft Access Expert 20Mail Merge by Nicholas S: Hi does anybody know why I am getting this meesage please? thanks Nick Reply from Alex Hedley: What message is that?
Wed 3/4
Learning Access VBA ProgrammingLearning Access VBA Programming by SUMAILA MOHAMMED: VBA is such a great tool. wanna be expert in VBA prog. Reply from Alex Hedley: If you start at the 300 Level series you'll get there.
Wed 3/4
Microsoft Access ForumTimer by T-Bone: I have a stopwatch on a form and as long as stay on that record the timer will start from where it left off. If I leave that record and come back, it starts over. I need to know where I am going wrong. I need the record to start from where it left off should I leave the record and come back again. Here is my code... Private lngNumOfSecs As Long Private Sub  more...
Wed 3/4
Microsoft Access Forumcompany database tables by Michael: Hello, when setting up a company address database with several contac persons in one company, is it better to have seperate tables for companies and persons or to have it all in one table? Regards, Michael Reply from Alex Hedley: I'd have them as separate. If you ever need to change the company you do it in one place  more...
Tue 3/3
Access 2010 Beginner 2Listbox by Jeffery Giocondo: In developing a List Box, I see that the box doesn't drop down and instead I can scroll through the options. How do I make it so that there is a drop down box instead of scrolling through? Reply from Alex Hedley: How about using a ComboBox?
Tue 3/3
Access 2010 Expert 1Apply knowledge to own db by Christy Osterkamp: Richard, I have been watching Expert 1 over and over and just not getting it. Instead of customers, contacts, and vehicles, we have fields (literal), which are owned by farms, which are owned by growers, which reside in a state. I have created separate tables for all of them, but when I try to build my relationships they  more...
Tue 3/3
Access 2010 Beginner 3ActiveX Properties by Kenny Nelson: Is there a way to access field properties that are not listed on the properties sheet? For example, I have an ActiveX Barcode Control that has several tabs of properties that I can access by right-clicking on the barcode text box. I would like to be able to use the Licensee property in VBA code to determine which of our locations the user  more...
Tue 3/3
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Date Time Seminar by Hamish: Hi Alex, This is using the sample database. Regards Hamish Reply from Alex Hedley: What locale is your computer running under? I'm based in the UK and have had issues with Access using a U.S. format.
Mon 3/2
Microsoft Access ForumHow do I remove the down scrollbar from a combobox by Henry P: The box is just showing a value, it is not suppossed to allow any selection, yet it shows a scrollbar, how do I remove it Reply from Alex Hedley: It could be down to the size, try making it bigger
Mon 3/2
Microsoft Access ForumThanks by Robert Pronovost: I am new to using Access to build database Applications. I have viewed some of your material and found it very helpful. Thank you for doing what you do. Reply from Alex Hedley: Glad it's useful to you Robert
Mon 3/2
Microsoft Access ForumSQL Statement by Bob Lilly: Hi Alex, I have two questions I would like to ask you, when I look at a query in design view it gets displayed in SQL, what would I have to do to get it to be displayed as originally designed. My second question is when I tried to import a Excel file into Access, I'm getting the following message, "The search key was not found in any record". I've  more...
Mon 3/2
Microsoft Access ForumProblem Opening a Form With A Command Button by Colin M: Hi: I got it fixed. Thanks for your help.
Mon 3/2
Microsoft Access ForumSubForm Issues by henry: They are both subforms, they are linked to customer by customerid. How would I link them between each other Reply from Alex Hedley: You would need to create a Textbox with the ID of one sub form =[subFormName].[Form]![ControlName] Then use that as the link in the other sub form
Mon 3/2
Access 2010 Expert 1Excel into Access by Christy Osterkamp: I am trying to recreate an Excel spreadsheet into Access. Is this specifically discussed in a particular lesson? Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: That would be Expert 20
Mon 3/2
Microsoft Access ForumPrint Blank Sheet between pages by Charlotte: Thanks, Alex. I adjusted the width of the pages. I think it must have changed itself. Reply from Alex Hedley: Ah reports and weird, they have a mind of their own!!

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