If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Thu 2/4
Microsoft Access ForumAccess withdrawal symptoms by Chris Bezant: Hello Alex We haven't heard from Rick for ages - is he OK? Regards Chris Reply from Alex Hedley: Yeah he's well, just working on things in the background, he should be posting soon with an update on whats next and whats on the roadmap for the future months
Thu 2/4
Visual Basic ForumAccess and VB by Mitch: I followed Richard's Student Attendance tutorial to create a database. I was able to follow it all the way to the point where he puts in the vb code for the "Go" button. The problem I'm having is; I'm using Access 2016 I don't see a way to just type the code in. Can you help me. Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: Are you using an embedded macro or an  more...
Thu 2/4
Access 2010 Beginner 2A field in my table whose type is set to Hyperlink by simon b: if this problem continues you could create another text field in your table, copy across the hyperlinks as text and then delete the hyperlink field. use the code below to activate the URls stored as text. Dim WebSite as String WebSite =  more...
Thu 2/4
Microsoft Access Forumrecord locking by simon b: Have a look in access options under client settings in the advanced section check the Default open mode and the Default record locking settings are what you require.
Wed 2/3
Microsoft Access 206setValue Macro by Emad: Hello, I could not find "setValue" on Macro for Access 2013, kindly can you tell me how can I see it? Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you set it so you can see ALL macros, some are harmful and hidden by default. See this more...
Wed 2/3
Microsoft Access ForumFinding all the places a field is used by Bea A: I would like to remove a field from one of my tables I have found a better way to handle this information. Is there some way that I can find everywhere a field is used? Reply from Alex Hedley: There are two things you could try 1. more...
Wed 2/3
Microsoft Access ForumWoo Hoo Yippee Solved Access crashes by Scott Adkins: I love every time I get the opportunity to promote 599cd, the product line, and this very forum. Excellent does not begin to give justice to what comes out of here. Thank you Richard for this magnificent creation. And thank you to Alex. We have conversed several times via this forum, and you have no  more...
Tue 2/2
Microsoft Excel ForumVLookup to return multiple values by Anthony P M: I have just finished the course for Vlookup, very good. My problem is I have a spreadsheet with approximately 40,000 training documents, each training doc has a different number of trainers, I have a second spreadsheet with all the trainers in. Using Vlookup I tried to bring in the trainers for each training doc,  more...
Tue 2/2
Microsoft Access Forumrecord locking by Julie Klotter: Yes.
Tue 2/2
Microsoft Access Forumsubreport problem by Barry Shadduck: subreport works well by itself, when I try to use it from main report, the visual basic code say's this subreport does not exist. HELP. Reply from Alex Hedley: What vb code is saying it doesn't exist? Have you tried deleting it and re-adding it to your report?
Tue 2/2
Access 2010 Beginner 2A field in my table whose type is set to Hyperlink by Scott S: No, I can't drag the URL into the field on a table or in a form. Would reloading Windows / Office help? Reply from Alex Hedley: It might be a bug in Office, check for updates or try a reinstall
Tue 2/2
Microsoft Access ForumUpdate Query for Hyperlink by Barry B: Thanks for the reply. I have just finished Expert 13 and have not got to the VBA portion yet. Is there a lesson that can show me how to set this up? Reply from Alex Hedley: Glossary: FollowHyperlink
Tue 2/2
Microsoft Access ForumUpdate Query for Hyperlink by Barry B: Is there a way to get an update query to show the displayed text different than the full path in a hyperlink? I can get the path and file name correct but it also shows the full path in the displayed text which does not look good and can be confusing. Any help would be appreciated. Reply from Alex Hedley: Rich advises not  more...
Mon 2/1
Microsoft Access Forumrecord locking by Julie Klotter: I developed a multi user system and split the db into front end and back end. The users are experiencing record locking when they are all added records to a specific table at the same time. Please let me know what I need to look at to make sure things are set correctly. Reply from Alex Hedley: So all the tables are in the back end and  more...
Sun 1/31
Microsoft Access ForumAttendance Tracker by Des Wheelock: you have a video on how to make a simple attendance tracker which i followed perfectly. At the end you mention setting up classes using a combo box. How do you do that. i have the combo box and a list to populate the combo box but when i run the query it doesnt fill the all the students with the specific class name? Reply from Alex  more...
Sun 1/31
Access 2010 Beginner 2A field in my table whose type is set to Hyperlink by Scott S: No, but the fields on the form seem to "shudder". Reply from Alex Hedley: Does it work via a form?
Sun 1/31
Microsoft Access Expert 12Time 3 31 Header by Joe Beniacar: Hi Alex, thank you for your response. Could you perhaps be a bit more specific, about this discrepancy in field header section vs. different field Text Box in that section? Thank you very much! You and Richard are really helping me to learn Access (slowly, but surely.) Reply from Alex Hedley: If your query has multiple fields and you  more...
Sun 1/31
Microsoft Access Expert 7Junction Table by Joe Beniacar: Hi Alex, Thank you very much for replying to my questions. Is it possible to have 3 ID fields in a junction table? Reply from Alex Hedley: You can create as many joins as you'd like, say you have an OrderID with the CustomerID and a DiscountID
Sat 1/30
Microsoft Access ForumCant get IIF function to work correctly by Rami Jebara: iif([Cellphone] is null , [Phone],iif([Phone] is null,[Cellphone],iff([CellPhone] and [Phone] is null,"Missing Number"," "))) Just Copy and Paste This Expression i'm Sure it Will Work..
Sat 1/30
Microsoft Access Expert 7SubForm Issues by Robert S: Richard, I noticed that the last news item from you on the website was for September 2016, have you published and further news items since then? if so I am not getting them. Reply from Alex Hedley: None have been published since then but there should be one soon

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