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Thu 10/8
Microsoft Access Expert 27Formatting by John N: Thanks. As I read my orginal post, I realized ii likely came across a bitsnotty. Sorry, Note to self, don't post stuff after midnight. Reply from Alex Hedley: No problem at all. It's hard for Rich to find a balance as to how much to show, the hardcore Access users who have seen every video he's done, like us don't need it but the occasional user who  more...
Thu 10/8
Microsoft Access ForumDrag and Drop by Richard K: I, too, want to drag-n-drop several files into a field and store the paths in order to link the attachments like in the Imaging-Tuturial, where one needs to store messages or attachments from emails first and then browse them in access again. In the internet there is only solutions for excel although people said, long time ago already, that they do not  more...
Thu 10/8
Microsoft Access Expert 4Image Path by Cheryl Hokanson: I have carefully followed the image path directions and my table is set to text but the image doesn't come up. I get an #Name? and brackets keep being placed at the beginning of the path name and at the end just before the final extention type of jpg. Do you have any ideas to help me? Reply from Alex Hedley: Does you path name have spaces in  more...
Wed 10/7
Access 2010 Expert 2Data Entry by Joe Beniacar: Hi Richard, if you are going to enter data into your Tables, is it better to do so in a ONE Table's subdatasheet than in the MANY Table (ContactT)? That way, the correct CustomerID will automatically be entered, without you having to compare it to the CustomerT? Is it the same concept with Subforms (Expert 3) over the MANY Form? Thank you! Reply from  more...
Wed 10/7
Access SQL Seminar Part 3MySQL Form by Kenny Nelson: I LOVE THE MYSQL FORM! What a great idea! I am actually using it to create a VBA code library. I added a description field to my MySQLT where I can put a key phrase such as Error Handling, and I store my error handling routine in the MySQL field. Whenever I need some code, I know right where to find it without having to start from scratch!
Wed 10/7
Microsoft Access ForumEmailing from Access Draft copy by John Hirschy: When I email from Access a "draft" shows up in Outlook, and will not send out of the "draft" box, although it has actually emailed. How do I prevent a copy of the email being in the "draft" file indefinitely? Reply from Alex Hedley: What date time does the draft show? Is there a draft email for every email  more...
Wed 10/7
Back From VacationBack From Vacation by Augusto B: Glad to see you back. I'll be waiting for windows 10
Tue 10/6
Microsoft Access Expert 4Questions by Joe Beniacar: Hi Alex, thank you very much for answering my questions. Does the Customer ID field not get a Combo Box on the FamilyMemberF, because adding that info would actually confuse what the record was about - the family member or the customer? Thanks for clarifying this! Reply from Alex Hedley: You are linking it with the Parent/Child keys since it's a  more...
Tue 10/6
Microsoft Access ForumReport with Crosstab with Multiple columns by JORGE DIAZ: I need to do a report like a Crosstab with multiple columns (Project Name, Counts, Max Date)in the Header of the report and below all the details. What would be the best way to approach this need? Reply from Alex Hedley: You could following more...
Tue 10/6
Microsoft Access Forumtab controls by Otto: I would like to use tab controls. On the first tab page I would like to put a button that would open a new tab page, every time that it is hit. On each tab page there will be a form. What vba code do I need behind this button to open a new tab page? Reply from Alex Hedley: What tab page are you opening? If you have your database set up as Tabbed  more...
Tue 10/6
Access Work Order SeminarCategory SubForm by Lynda C: Hi Alex I don't even know what a cascading combo is, but basically, all my suppliers have 'categories' eg plumbing, electrical. When I select the category, I've got the supplier combo only showing those in that category, which is great. soon as i move to the next line to enter a second category for my work order, the supplier combo  more...
Tue 10/6
Microsoft Access ForumAccess forms by Deborah Jean: I need to build a form that will be accessed by 150+ drivers to enter data daily. I want the form to clear when the driver is through entering their data (hitting "enter" when they are done). I do not want them to be able to edit data. I will be the one to make corrections as necessary. Reply from Alex Hedley: Either have the button close and  more...
Tue 10/6
Microsoft Access ForumVideos by Deborah Jean: Thank you for your YouTube videos! I'm really enjoying them! You are a great teacher! Very easy to follow and learn.
Tue 10/6
Microsoft Access Expert 4Questions by Joe Beniacar: Hi Richard, I have a couple of related questions about this lesson: 1)a)Do we make the RelativeTypeID field a Combo Box (in FamilyMemberF) - because it is a Foreign Key field in the FamilyMemberT based on the fact that it has repeating values, that we can show ONCE each on a Helper Table? b)If so, then why don t we make the CustomerID field the main  more...
Tue 10/6
Microsoft Access Expert 4Picture Image Control by Joe Beniacar: Hi Richard, If the Picture Image Control + Picture Text Box Control (on the CustomerExtendedF) are both bound to the Picture Text field (in the CustomerExtendedT), how does that not create a conflict, where both the link and the picture get stored in the Table field and therefore in the database which would slow it down? Thanks!  more...
Tue 10/6
Microsoft Access Expert 4Questions by Joe Beniacar: Hi Richard, I just had 2 quick questions about this lesson: 1)Why are Option Groups not as good as List Boxes and Combo Boxes? Don t all of them store values? 2)Would you use the Option Groups CHECKBOX option for a) a single field where multiple values can be checked and stored in the corresponding Table field or b) multiple related Yes/No fields (like  more...
Tue 10/6
Microsoft Access Expert 4Relationship Window by Joe Beniacar: Hi Richard, at the end of this lesson: Why don t we establish the relationship between the RelativeType ( HelperTable ) and FamilyMemberT in the Relationship Window , too? Reply from Alex Hedley: Access is quite good at spotting relationships, it usually links them if they have the same name. The Relationship Window just makes it  more...
Sun 10/4
Microsoft Access Expert 27Formatting by John Newton: I vote less time on formating, if you spent the 50+ hrs watching so far; you likely saw a bunch already. We know you hate alternating colors. (I hate too, but we heard you the first 100 times). I do have a format type question however; when you cut and paste from detail to headed (for example), sometimes Access wants to put the pasted stuff in the upper  more...
Sun 10/4
Microsoft Access ForumIdle by Sivaram G: I have made a database and kept in share folder. I want to quit the database if the user kept idle for more than two minutes. Can you please advise the code or seminar/class number for reference. Reply from Alex Hedley: You could amend the following Article.
Sun 10/4
Microsoft Access Expert 4Gender by Joe Beniacar: Hi Richard, If you don't know what the Yes/No checkbox result means at first glance (Ex: Gender field), should you just write what value check =, and uncheck =, in the Description section of Table Design view (like we did for the Reward Level field, although that was a Number field with 3 values) - or should we change it's data type to some other type? Thanks for  more...

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