Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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Tue 7/29
Microsoft Access ForumProblems in access by Avi Davidov: Richard Hi, 1. about the Grid, Thanks. 2. Maybe i missed something in lessons, but I can't find the way to show fields from a query on a form, other than as combo box. I want to show results from a very complicated query as a field in my form. Maybe I can do it by (dlookup) or something, I can't find the answer. 3. If you didn't  more...
Tue 7/29
Microsoft Access Email SeminarMicrosoft Access Email Seminar by Gie: Will this seminar include how to set-up the sender email? I am using 2 outlook email accounts, one my own email and the other a group email or shared inbox. I want to be able to send using the group email.
Mon 7/28
Updated Production ScheduleExpert Advanced Access 2013 by EIrik: I see. But 2-6 is good enough for me. Better than 20-30 ;)
Mon 7/28
Microsoft Access Forummake a person feel bad by Steve: That's so true I've been using Richard training for many years. He's awesome and take time helping the beginner, novice, and even the advance users. Always with patient and understanding as his time permits. He a busy guy and helps as he can but know he can't just devote time to individuals from beginning to end of your project. But if you  more...
Mon 7/28
What is a ZIP file?What is a ZIP file by v p: Thank you. I am trying to learn all what I have, plus get up graded? Looking for advice, including tablets etc. Thank You.
Mon 7/28
Microsoft Access Forummake a person feel bad by Deon R: Hi Kathleen, I would like to throw it out there and say you've just accessed (excuse the pun!)the best Forum for Access so welcome aboard.Richard and the members are TOPS! Kindest regard, Deon
Mon 7/28
Microsoft Access Forummake a person feel bad by T-Bone: I can attest to that; I have asked some pretty silly questions that I knew the answers to an Richard gave me the answer anyway. I just 'chalk' it up to standing too close to the forest to see the trees at times.
Mon 7/28
Microsoft Access Expert 24Master copy by James G: Maybe I could just create a database with only one form in it that would update the ManningT without distributing the whole master front end. I could then just access the ManningT from the master copy and charge forward. Would that work?
Sun 7/27
Microsoft Access ForumList box with multiple items by Joseph M: I have a database where I have item number, product number,product description and price in a list box. I can easily access 1 of those fields and put that into a table. But I don't know how to access the other three which are important fields. What tools or tricks are there to access the remaining items on a list box list? Do  more...
Sun 7/27
Access 2010 Beginner 2snap to grid by Kevin Behan: I think it actually does snap to grid in Access 2013, am I correct?
Sun 7/27
Microsoft Access ForumProblems in access by Avi Davidov: Richard Hi, I'v several problems using access wich I noticed during your courses. 1. My grid in Access has no dots, but just columms and rows. 2. I can't fond the way to show in my forms fields based on queries, I just can;t find the answer to this one. I'v builded a formula conserning tax payments, based on an appartment table, and I  more...
Sun 7/27
Microsoft Access ForumMulti Choice Products on Order Form by Sara A: Some of the products my business sells are what-you-see-is-what-you-get, others have many choices available (imagine a sweatshirt with several sizes and colors available). This blending of products has led me to create a products table as well as a product details table to handle the need for recording that extra  more...
Sun 7/27
Microsoft Access Forumautomatically pull up customer from incoming calls by Davd: Can access automatically pull up customer data from incoming phone calls. Can I attach pictures, documents to customers in the database?
Sat 7/26
Microsoft Access Expert 24Comment by Wayne Ayotte: Thanks for this lesson Rick, I would like to see more about this lesson but mostly I would to see a lesson about SharePoint
Sat 7/26
Microsoft Windows ForumUpdate to Win 8 1 by Uri: Hey:) I gonna unbox a new HP Probook 470. It comes with win8. Should I immediately update to 8.1 before I do anything or should I firs work with 8 for a while and then update? Thanks!
Sat 7/26
Microsoft Access Expert 23schedule to Compact and Repair by Alex Hedley: If you are going to be adding and removing data often it might be worth creating a schedule to Compact and Repair your Database. Check out this Glossary item explaining how and why. Alex
Fri 7/25
Microsoft Access ForumGrid Dots by Steven: In design view I have grids but I do not have any dots to assist me in lining up the text boxes more accurately. How do I get the dots to appear? Also (because of my set screen resolution) aligning the text boxes is difficult. Is there any easy way in access to zoom in a little bit on the text boxes (other than using windows zoom). Thanks and I hope this isn't a  more...
Fri 7/25
Microsoft Access ForumControl Audio Output by Alex Hedley: Hi Kevin, I've researched various techniques but there doesn't seem to be a WinAPI I can find to do this in VBA. A Tip I've created shows you how to create a shortcut to the Sound window from Control Panel and then open that link using a button within Access. Alex
Thu 7/24
Microsoft Access Expert 24I would love to see a whole seminar on event timer by Kenneth Breig: I would love to see a whole seminar on event timers
Thu 7/24
Microsoft Access Expert 24Thanks for another good lesson by Larisa Kiseleva: Thanks for another good lesson- I just can't wait when you release seminar about sql server and SharePoint. Do you have any idea when you can start work on this seminar? Thanks

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