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Fri 5/25
Access Search SeminarMacro Error by jannette jones: on lesson 6 of the search seminar once i put in Or IS Null i get a Macro error. Reply from Alex Hedley: Where are you writing this? What is the exact error?
Thu 5/24
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by randy r: What video covers using the same table multiple times in a query? i.e. something performed in one department now performed in another-Department table. One employee starting a task and another finishing the task- Employee Table. And to doe this multiple times.
Sat 5/19
Access Assistance AvailableAccess Assistance Available by Julio G: I try to open video file and it seem the password is not the right one Reply from Alex Hedley: Which course? Some courses use the same password as the first in the series.
Fri 5/18
Microsoft Access ForumOwn Icons On the Ribbon by Jan H: Is there any EASY WAY to use own icons on the ribbon? Reply from Alex Hedley: I've hopefully got a course released soon on creating your own ribbons. There's a bit of XML involved in some hidden tables but it's easier once you know how.
Wed 5/16
Access Tip: Multi-Field Search Formfilter a listbox to search for records by jannette j: I would like to create a form in which a listbox displaying records from Project is filtered based on the selection of a comboboxs Dept and Tech , Date From and DateTO combo boxes containing the Project Data in other words, i want to select "Deot " (value 1) in the combobox, "Tech" (value 2) in the 2nd  more...
Wed 5/16
Visual Basic 101VBA by Jean Permalloo: Hi Richard, I have recently done some courses in Access with you, and it was very helpful. But, as most people work in Excel, so I'm very keen to learn VB now. I have learned programming in GW Basic 30 years ago but has not really used it after I completed the course. I want to learn programming in Excel so that my colleagues are not scared as when I was trying to  more...
Wed 5/16
Access Assistance AvailableAccess Assistance Available by Miguel G: I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE LESSON IN FULL SCREEN. IN YOUU VIDEO, ON THE LEFT, BOTTOM CORNER THERE IS A SQUARE USUALLY AVAILABLE TO EXPAND TO FULL SCREEN. IN YOUR VIDEO IT IS NOT WORKING. PLEASE HELP Reply from Alex Hedley: Which browser are you using? Bottom right has the expand button.
Tue 5/15
Microsoft Access ForumDuplicate Values on Multiple fields by Brent R: I found your tips on "Microsoft Access Duplicate Values on Multiple Fields" it is very close to what I am looking for but I would like to allow it to check for combinations of First Names and Last Names and make sure there are not duplicates in the table how can I do this? I have a field in the ContactT called  more...
Thu 5/10
Microsoft Access ForumI want to use access to track payments by Robert R: I don t think you have covered how to handle payment when they bounce or when they decline if your customers pay by check or credit card. Specifically how to keep balances correct in the event of a declined or bounced check and how to notify a rep if the accounting is a divergent department and you are the  more...
Thu 5/10
Microsoft Access ForumDisplay a Single Record on a Report by Kirk R: I have been trying to display a single record on a report and have run into a roadblock. I have created a query based on the report and have set the criteria to Forms!Formname!Fieldname. This seems like it should work, but everytime I run the query, the qyery asks me for the parameter forms!formname!fieldname.  more...
Mon 5/7
Microsoft Access ForumForum Search by Gregory C. Smith: How do I search the forum? I didn't see a search box anywhere in the forum pane. I am trying to make a hot link in a subreport to open a form on that record. I have tried several WHERE statements in a  more...
Fri 5/4
Microsoft Access ForumHomework by William E: I am on Access Expert level 10. As a student, I thought I was doing great....until we got the homework. Then I failed miserably. I haven't been able to complete one task correctly. I find them to be much to difficult for this level, and it's very discouraging. If anyone else is willing to admit this, here's a suggestion. Instead of 3,4, or 5 assignments, how  more...
Mon 4/30
Microsoft Access ForumProduction Schedule Updates by Richard S: Hi folks, Was wondering when to expect Access Developer-8; please advise when you get a moment. Hope all is well & till later, Rick S. San Antonio, TX Reply from Alex Hedley: Should be released soon.
Mon 4/30
Microsoft Access ForumSnap To Align by Glen S: Is there a way to snap to align all of the front and end edges of fields in the form design section at a single time? Reply from Alex Hedley: There should be options in the ribbon. Or you could group everything, but rich usually suggests breaking that.
Sun 4/29
Microsoft Access ForumHomework Access 9 Expert by William B: Access Expert 9 Homework. I restricted this to a Nested IIF Statement. I m not sure if this will restrict other abilities later. But as an end report I felt it was appropriate. =IIf([ISPaid],"Paid In Full",IIf([QuoteOrInvoice],"Quote Statement","Invoice For Payment"))
Sat 4/28
Microsoft Excel ForumMacro by ron b: Do you have a lesson on creating Macro in Excel on this site? If you do can you post/email me the link - Tnx Reply from Alex Hedley: I don't think the Excel Courses got to Advanced to cover Macros. Is there anything in particular you were wanting to automate?
Thu 4/26
Microsoft Access ForumAccess limitations by Brandon J: Hello sir, I know you ve talked in class about how Access has a 2 GB size limit, which can be overcame by splitting the database. What other limitations does Access have? For example, how many times can you split a database? Also, what is the maximum number of users a single Access database can support, simultaneously? When is it time  more...
Wed 4/25
Microsoft Access ForumCreating Employee Vacation Database by John S: Yes I did. Thanks. I have a new problem. I have a form that shows an employees accrued hours, hours used, and remaining hours. i need the remaining hours to subtract from each new used hours entered. right now I have to mentally add the new hours with the existing hours used to get the correct remaining hours.  more...
Wed 4/25
Microsoft Access 323I bought viewed 320 thru 323 in lieu of Dev 8 by Richard Stockstill: I bought/viewed 320 thru 323 in lieu of Dev-8, etc. It would be interesting to see how to have the test taker randomly pick 10 questions from a Table of 50 questions but without picking the same question more than once per testing instance. Thoughts ? Hope all is well & till  more...
Tue 4/24
Microsoft Access ForumRunning Total by Roger R: Having trouble getting the DSum function to generate a running total by groups. My query has a field that is coded as: RT: DSum("[Sum of Totbush]","[TransmasTotalsCornQ1]","CropYr=" & [CropYr] And "No<=" & [No]). The CropYr and No fields are number fields that are sorted in ascending format. When the query is run, I get a sum total for all the groups  more...

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