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Wed 11/26
Creating a Parameter QueryCreating a Parameter Query by Brauna R: Perfect Solution! Thanks
Wed 11/26
Microsoft Access ForumNEED FEEDBACK Date Time Functions in Access by Mubeezi M: hi Rick, if there is some space still left; i would like to go backwards by 3 months. For instance, if the user enters 01/12/2014 [dd/mm/yyyy] i would like to create a variable go three months backwards to 01/09/2014. I would like to make sure that it always goes back to the first or last day  more...
Wed 11/26
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Form by Andy Fleming: I have been going through some of the online seminars and courses and as a result I have created a search form which searches a database and returns the results in a main form, this works fine until I close the search form and return to the main form. I have been trying to find a way that when I close the search form it allows me to browse all the  more...
Wed 11/26
Microsoft Access ForumWorking with Forms by Liam: Firstly I have created a form (Named: Process Check list). with several tick function. This process check list has many has a number of sections and the it can be weeks between each section takes place. I have created a save function to store the data which works fine. The Issue I'm having is retrieving this information. I need to retrieve the  more...
Wed 11/26
Microsoft Access ForumFill in new Field by John Brandrick: thank you Alex, it worked a dream.
Tue 11/25
Microsoft Access ForumNEED FEEDBACK Date Time Functions in Access by Bonnie: Rich, when working with dates, can you address the need to work with the date format Day/Month/Year. I have my short date on the computer set to dd-MMM-YYYY, thus 26-Nov-2014. That is because I live in Canada, and because my database info is used internationally, so it has to be clear which part is  more...
Tue 11/25
Microsoft Access Expert 8Enforce Referential Integrity by Clay F: Problem Solved...I had a dirty record in the OrderDetailF from class and the dirty record didn't allow the Enforce RI. THANKS, carry on!
Tue 11/25
Microsoft Access Expert 8Enforce Referential Integrity by Clay F: Hello, On Expert8 Lesson5, at the 12:59 mark, I was unable to enforce referential Integrity with the OrderID from OrderT and OrderDetailT, the error message says "Access can't create this relaionship and enforce referential integrity", then Data in the table DetailT violates R.I. rules. Please help, I tried adjusting the  more...
Tue 11/25
Microsoft Access ForumNEED FEEDBACK Date Time Functions in Access by Lynda C: Also, oops should have put this is then first question. I'd like to know how to forward a date to say, the 20th of the month following. I did the payables seminar, but here in NZ, our payments are usually required 20th month following. Thanks again Lynda
Tue 11/25
Microsoft Access ForumNEED FEEDBACK Date Time Functions in Access by Lynda C: Hi Richard, I'd love to see some resolution for the US vs New Zealand/European date functions. I've written a few times before regarding this, but haven't really had an answer that works. Thanks a bunch, Lynda
Tue 11/25
Next Up: Date Time Functions in AccessNext Up Date Time Functions in Access by Rod: Recurrence of dates for scheduling such as pick one date or certain day of the week,month or year and recurring dates for things like payments or events.
Tue 11/25
Microsoft Access Expert 14Find function to find the space by Bruce Reynolds: Couldn't you use the find function to find the space in the FN calculated field in the query instead of SpacePos-1? Reply from Alex Hedley: There are usually more than one way to achieve the same goal. Do you have an example where you've used more...
Tue 11/25
Microsoft Excel ForumButton to Print by Bruce R: Make sure you add the Developer ribbon in Excel (Tools, Options). Record your macro to print. Exit the recorder. After you have recorded your macro, go to the Developer ribbon. Then go to the Controls section of the Developer ribbon, then click on the Insert Controls dropdown, and select the Button (Form Control) option. Assign your macro to this button  more...
Tue 11/25
Microsoft Excel ForumMicrosoft Excel Forum by Bruce R: You will want to organized the data in Excel into an Excel table (Insert, Table). Make sure the column names in Excel are spelled the same as your field names in Access. Be sure to give your table a name, and also make sure that you only have one worksheet in your Excel workbook. Lastly, make sure that the columns in your Excel table match  more...
Tue 11/25
Microsoft Access ForumForce a child record in a subform by shaun H: I have a Parent table and a child table w/ a one-many relationship. I am using a main form (for parent record data) with a subform (for child record data) for entering data. How do I require that at least one child record is entered on the subform? I've set the child record fields to required, but unless a user clicks  more...
Tue 11/25
Microsoft Access ForumFill in new Field by David Spens: Would not an 'Update' query be the easiest way to make all the existing records have the same default text. However do make a copy of the existing table before playing around. Reply from Alex Hedley: Yep, you're right David, my bad! I'll correct the post!
Mon 11/24
Microsoft Access Expert 14Comment by Robert Stockey: Great Tips
Mon 11/24
Creating a Parameter QueryCreating a Parameter Query by Brauna R: Hi Richard, I use a parameter query to open a report using a date prompt. Is there any way to show the date picker with the prompt? Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: If you ware wanting to use a DatePicker you will need to create a Form that handles the Input for your Query and passing that value to the Query. Have  more...
Mon 11/24
Microsoft Access ForumNEED FEEDBACK Date Time Functions in Access by Scott: Richard, one of the things that I have noticed is that can't seem to get calculations to show 24 such as 24:00:00 hours without some hokey text string(unlike excel) this makes it problayic when totaling hours up. Didn't know if there is some trick of the trade for that.
Mon 11/24
Microsoft Access ForumNEED FEEDBACK Date Time Functions in Access by Richard Rost: Hey guys, just looking for some feedback. My next Access class will be Expert 27 and will continue the detailed Function Guide I started with Expert 25. This class will cover DATE AND TIME functions. I've got a list of all of the functions, and I'll show you how to use them and what they  more...

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