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Wed 4/12
Customer TestimonialsI have enjoyed your lessons by Anne M: Richard, you are one of the few instructors that makes learning easy. You have the ability of taking a student with zero knowledge in a subject to them being able to comprehend technical nuances. I appreciate the way you articulate technical concepts and explain why it is done a certain way and you also give us your preferences.  more...
Thu 4/6
Microsoft Access ForumReferences Error by Terry H: I am trying to open my database that is modeled after the database and I get this error on launch; "The application you are attempting to use has a reference that it cannot resolve to an object, type library, DLL, or external database. Either the object, type library, DLL, or database was deleted or renamed. Examine the Available  more...
Thu 4/6
Access Calendar SeminarCalendar seminar by Daniel G: I would like to download a copy of the database but i cant find it at can you help me thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: There are links on the Course Outline page. There is always the more...
Thu 4/6
Microsoft Access ForumAutomatic transaction number by Gregory C. S: The tip below is crude, but it works for me. On 2/17, I made two posts called "How to increment a number by one." It was actually how to increase a combination of text and number by one. For each day, pretend this year's leading text part is 7362. Use the technique shared with me posted on 2/17 to separate your  more...
Thu 4/6
Microsoft Access ForumReminder Popup Notification by Edwin A: How can I create a reminder or alert in a form? Reply from Alex Hedley: Access DateTime Seminar Create a Reminder Popup Notification Form
Thu 4/6
Access Database Security SeminarTremendous Lessons by Alecia O: I have the "If IsUserInGroup() Then .visible = True _ Else .visible = False _ End If" code set up for various groups & controls in my OnCurrent event. The login form is set up the same as the example in the video. If I log in as a user with limited permissions, it shows all buttons unless I click the Refresh button.  more...
Thu 4/6
Access Web Data Sync SeminarPop up by Raivo Karmas: Richard, I have developed a pop up form triggered from a command button. The pop up form has a Webbrowser control showing the specific document I want. No problems here. I will never use the Webbrowser to navigate further, so I left of the IsNavigating check box. However, when I want to see the underlying text (Obj.Outertext portion of lesson 3) Access will not  more...
Tue 4/4
Microsoft Access Email SeminarEmail Seminar by James Comninellis: Hi, I have a specific VBA question. This is all good content but it's almost more than I need. I want to place a button in a form that will take all the emails in a query and place them in the "To" or "Bcc" field of an email. I have been working with the following code but with no success yet:
Private Sub Command69_Click()
Dim oOutlook  more...
Mon 4/3
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2016 Combobox by Mike Y: Thanks
Mon 4/3
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2007 to 2016 by Tareq S: I built a database using Access 2007 but will be upgrading to 2016 soon and Windows 10. Will I be still able to use the 2007 database on the new system? What do I have to do to make the transition seamlessly? Reply from Alex Hedley: They both use .accdb, I think there were a few changes but nothing that should stop it working.
Sun 4/2
Access Database Security SeminarSplit Database by Shallena Ayers: Hello, For the database I am building... i will be entering data etc here in my office. I will also need to have 2 other company owners be able to access the database from their locations (where ever the jobsites are). Right now i have the database saved on our Dropbox and they can see what i am doing. But i know it is not going to do what i  more...
Sun 4/2
Microsoft Access ForumMail Merge by George S: Is there a way, when doing a bulk mailing in Access, to add an attachment to all letters. Reply from Alex Hedley: You decide what you are putting in the email, who you are sending to and what attachments. How have you set it up currently?
Sun 4/2
Microsoft Access ForumSwitchboard by John M: Thank you for your reply. I have set up the Switchboard in my office using a Shared Database therefor I would still like the ability to open a blank form - everyone is now trained in pressing the button to open a form. I would still like to have the skill on how to open with a fresh blank form. The Navigation Pane is hidden from the end user. Reply from  more...
Sat 4/1
Access Work Order SeminarSearch box section by Shallena Ayers: Hi again, I am doing the search box section. i would like to be able to have my search box be a dropdown box and use the choice for the search... (I have trouble remembering options). I would like to have a search by job status. instead of typing the status into the search box i would like to choose a status from the dropdown box and  more...
Sat 4/1
Microsoft Access ForumNormalization and repeating data by Richard W: I want to print it on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper in landscape mode, with the sheets folded so it makes a nice little 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 booklet!!! Cannot find a want to use this size and configuration of paper in Access. Even using columns. Tried just making a text file -- a BIG text file and pasting it in Word or  more...
Sat 4/1
Microsoft Access ForumHow force a calculated amount be written into tabl by tom s: Using info over very long period of time / years. IRS changes it's rate periodically. Ultimately need to know for tax purposes at end of year - how many mile and the equivalent in dollars to deduct. Yes, I am aware can do it in Query. It's fast and easy but does not keep a  more...
Sat 4/1
Microsoft Access ForumMail Merge by Liza G: ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Login Failed Could not find file 'C:\Users\lizag\OneDrive\Documents.mbd'. Reply from Alex Hedley: Does that file exist? Do either files have a password?
Sat 4/1
Microsoft Access ForumDlookup by tom s: I have been handed some Excel spreadsheets with long lists convert to access. Neither one has an ID field but both spreadsheets have a common CUSTOMER NAME. CustomerName will now be a field Essentially want to merge the two lists, 2 spreadsheets into a single table. Table1: will be my master table [CustomerName] [SalesmanName]... lots of other fields and  more...
Sat 4/1
Access Work Order SeminarLessons 26 to 28 by Shallena A: Hi Alex, I figured out the reason i could not delete something. I had turned off the Record Selectors option so there was no way to choose a record to delete. But as for the formula. I have double checked and triple checked and the only thing that is different is that i am trying to SUM a column of numbers that have formulas in them. This is  more...
Sat 4/1
Microsoft Access ForumPhone number formatting by James L: I did the formatting while setting up the table, before the data on the table was entered. However, I did figure out how to reformat it once I got to the form. I used the (@@@)@@@-@@@@. Thanks

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