Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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Mon 7/27
Excel Tip: Sum Cells Between Two ValuesExcel Tip Sum Cells Between Two Values by muralilal: I Want to be part of the web site update Reply from Alex Hedley: You can subscribe to the Blog. (RSS Feed)
Mon 7/27
Microsoft Access ForumFinancial Reports by Nasser A: I am trying to build a database for storing financial reports (Balance Sheets and Income Statements) of listed companies in an emerging market and I am still in the planning phase. If I store the numbers for each period in one record (row), would I be able to write a formula that takes numbers from two different rows for the same company (example:  more...
Mon 7/27
Microsoft Access ForumDuplicate clean up by William: Hi, If I would do design it, I would make a "Many To Many" relationship between the donors and donations. Then you can have multiple donors for one donation and one donor with multiple donations. Else you will have to include or exclude the wife on all transactions.
Sun 7/26
Microsoft Access Expert 12Salary Percentage with Graphs by West Bobby: Hello, I need to build a database for employee pay for truck drivers that are paid a percentage of so much per a mile, per a ton of weight that they haul ex: .13 cent a ton/mile.... 104 miles times .13 equals 13.52 a ton, the load has average 27 tons so 13.52 times 27 equals 365.04 now the driver gets 30% so 365.04 times  more...
Sun 7/26
Microsoft Access Expert 29I Want To Learn Microsoft Access by RAJNIKANT K PATEL: i like your access video.. keep it up..
Sun 7/26
Microsoft Access ForumSalary Percentage by Bobby West: Can access figure salary for employee if he is paid on a percentage? Also, will it give a pie chart of everything spent on parts, insurance, and drivers pay? Reply from Alex Hedley: You can create calculations using a Query. Calculated Query Fields are covered in more...
Sun 7/26
Microsoft Access ForumImport pst file into Access Database by Eddy: Hello again, Tried to import into Access 2010 (2007 settings). Allthough Access seems to have an import Outlook file function it shut down the programm several times with the message "Access doesn't work anymore and will be closed" (poorly translated from my native language) Any help on this issue? Thanks  more...
Sun 7/26
Microsoft Access ForumImport pst file into Access Database by Eddy: Alex, Had a quick look on my PC. I cannot find a way to import the file as specified into my inbox and giving it a location with for example the name of the person who ownes the data. The file I have was exported on a external fileserver, who was in use for several years for a part of our  more...
Sun 7/26
Microsoft Access Expert 5Gmail Email by Lynda Chase: Hi Richard, I use gmail for my emailing, when I click on the external data tab, the email option is greyed out. Is there any way I can still email the CommunicationForLetterR? Reply from Alex Hedley: The Email Seminar shows how you can connect to an SMTP server  more...
Sun 7/26
Microsoft Access ForumImport pst file into Access Database by Eddy: Thankx alot Alex, The company I work for does not allow archive files because they supposingly slow down the server performance in general. So every user will suffer, they say. Still I will try to do as you you wrote. Due to my time available at the moment it can take a while. Thankx again
Sun 7/26
Access 2010 Beginner 5I d like to have automatic numbers show on a const by Donald Pailen: I'd like to have automatic numbers show on a constantly growing membership roster that reflect the number of members at any given time. Obviously, the numbers in the auto ID column aren't appropriate for that. What's any easy way to do this? Reply from Alex Hedley:  more...
Sat 7/25
Microsoft Access ForumDuplicate clean up by Bob U: HI, I previously posted about thank you letters and duplicate clean up. Again, I have a donor data base with a table of donors and a table of donations. my donors table has duplicate donors and subsequently there are donations linked to the wrong donor entry. If I use the find duplicates wizard to generate a list of query duplicates, what is the  more...
Fri 7/24
Microsoft Access ForumDuplicate clean up by Bob U: Hello, and thanks in advance to all and any with advice, 1) I have a database that was built for tracking donors and donations to an organization. The database has two tables that I am concerned with: "Donors' and "donations" A donor can have more than one donation linked to them, but obviously, one donation cannot have multiple donors. The  more...
Fri 7/24
Microsoft Access ForumAuto dail a telephone in Access by Bob Lilly: What course covers clicking on a phone number on a form and have it dialed automatically. Reply from Alex Hedley: Access 202 - Auto Dialer /site/courselist/access/access202/ New Article http://accessindepth.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/replacing-access-2010s-tapi-autodialer.html?m=1
Thu 7/23
Microsoft Access ForumStatus of boolean field in all table records by Tiziano F: I have solved the problem in the following way. I have added to the table the calculated field xyz1 in which each record has the value 1 if the field xyz is true and 0 if false (Iif function) . In the report, a first text box contains the number of the record of the table (Count [Conteggio]  more...
Thu 7/23
Microsoft Access ForumCustomr Table Duplicates by Mark R: I have a Form for adding new customer info. I would like to check for name already in customer table. If doesn't exist then add record. If name already exists to show to user and ask if same person or not. Then give user option to cancel if same person or add if new person. Reply from Alex Hedley: You could set the no  more...
Thu 7/23
Yes, I'm still alive. :)Class Seminars by Steven A: Awesome! I'm STILL working my way thru the Access Expert Level course, so I'm not ready for the advances stuff...however, notwithstanding this - I'm working on a fairly complex project (here in Sarasota), and if your son is going to initiate courses having to do with Access Expert level - I plan to attend. So...keep us posted...
Thu 7/23
Learning Access VBA ProgrammingLearning Access VBA Programming by Ashraf Ali: I need to control my access using macros, VBA programming and menu building. I hope you will help me sending techniques. Reply from Alex Hedley: Check out the 300 Level Series /site/courselist/access2003/
Thu 7/23
Microsoft Access ForumSubforms by Dave R: So sorry folks figured it out ..... just a mechanics of Access think I skipped over too quickly the first time. yes I do only because I imported a large list of Vendors and their contacts from a single EXCEL SS then separated the tables, then had to massage the info to make the relationships as I wa snot entering it from scratch. I'll remove the duplication before  more...
Thu 7/23
Access 2010 Beginner 3Added Descriptions by Katja Braun: And by the way, I use a German ACCESS 2013 version and your classes are extremly helpful. I learn a lot, thank you for your efforts!

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