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Tue 5/26
Microsoft Access ForumOpen Form to blank record by Brauna R: Is there a way to open a form to a blank record. I would like to avoid having the user to click on the "add new record" button. Thanks Reply from Alex Hedley: expression .OpenForm(FormName, View, FilterName, WhereCondition, DataMode, WindowMode, OpenArgs) DoCmd.OpenForm "FORMNAME", , , ,  more...
Tue 5/26
Microsoft Access ForumCharts in Access by Greg Beben: Alex, unfortunately, it seems to me that they have taken out the chart wizard in Access 2013. Am I missing something? Is there an easy way to do charts in 2013? I know I can export to Excel and do the chart there but I'd love to do it right in Access. Reply from Alex Hedley: Ah yes, they removed PivotCharts in 2013, forgot about  more...
Mon 5/25
Microsoft Access 321Generation Lookup by Richard Lanoue: Hers is a project I've been working on. When I enter a Date Of Birth, [DOB], I want to have it select, from a dropdown menu, A Generation. Example client is born in 1972, then the selection on the form will select "Gen X"... A client is DOB is 1982...after update it selects, "Millenial"... etc... I tried to use an update query but it  more...
Mon 5/25
Microsoft Access ForumPayments by Robert R: Hi Alex, in the process of building my database I noticed that every time I put a payment in the database it would deduct form the balance. What I have noticed is that if I have customers that pay weekly and give me permission to auto debt their account. I normally put all the weekly payments for the current month into the system on the same day so I don't have to  more...
Mon 5/25
Microsoft Access Expert 7Alphabetical Order by Betti Baldan: Access 2013 Expert 7 Lesson 3 (Time Index 4:09) Is there a way to have the customers display in alphabetical order? It's fine if there are only a few, but if there are 50 names, it's not useful. Thanks. Reply from Alex Hedley: Have you tried adding an ORDER BY clause in SQL or using a SORT in Design View?
Mon 5/25
Microsoft Access Email SeminarEmail Recipient by Martijn Eisinga: Hi I am trying to make various buttons in my forms that send out a template email - text is always the same and just takes (firstname)or other details from a candidates record. See below: DoCmd.OpenForm "EmailF" Forms!EmailF!MsgTo = EmailAddress Forms!EmailF!MsgSubject = "Your application " & FirstName Forms!EmailF!MsgBody  more...
Sun 5/24
Microsoft Access ForumCrosstab Form by Nenad P: Please, if somebody can answer me Can I Edit values in Form if values are from different Tables? If is possible please explain me or even better point me to video explaining how. Thank You Reply from Alex Hedley: Crosstabs are covered in E17. Depending on  more...
Sun 5/24
Access 2010 Beginner 1Import Error Message by Bob Bush: I keep running into error messages when I try to import my Excel spreadsheet into Access 2013. Reply from Alex Hedley: What error message?
Sun 5/24
Microsoft Access ForumValue vs ID by Ned: I have combo box in Form reading from one of Tables (Table with only 3 different values). After choosing one of values I set combo to save value in different table. But instead value I get value ID. It s that how should be and if it s optional how to set combo to save value in table? Reply from Alex Hedley: You'll want the ID. Then create a Query that  more...
Sun 5/24
Microsoft Access ForumAccess Frontends by Kieren P: Nothing too onerous, it'll pull a few fields from a query (specifically the "project workspace" information) along with some "standard" menu-like navigation options - no calcs or anything like that. Reply from Alex Hedley: That should be ok.
Sun 5/24
Microsoft Access ForumUsers Records by Robert R: Ive created a button that when clicked I want it to return all of the customers that are delinquent for one of the users. The status for delinquent is dlq...and the user is Tom. So when Tom logs in he wants to see all of the dlq records for his accounts only...not for the entire company sales team. How do I do this in VBA. I was able to get the dlq status  more...
Sun 5/24
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access 2013 by Javier: Thanks Alex 😊 Does anyone know where this fact regarding Access 2013 is posted in the Microsoft Web site, cause my friend does not believe this fact to be true? Even though I know Access and Excel works this way when it comes to multi-users networking. Thanks again for considering my question. 🎱 Reply from Alex  more...
Sun 5/24
Microsoft Access ForumNumber of records by Bob Bush: If the max number of records (or fields?) is 255, does that mean I can't use Access to manage an inventory of 800+ items? Reply from Alex Hedley: Records and Fields are different things. Records can be into the hundreds of thousands if not millions.
Sun 5/24
Microsoft Access ForumCompany Settings by Robert R: In developer settings...when I click the company settings button it closes the main menu and when I close the company settings it re-opens the main menu but it wipes out the user ID info on the main menu every can I fix this? Reply from Alex Hedley: I presume the UserID is stored on the MainMenu in a hidden  more...
Sun 5/24
Access 2010 Beginner 1I would like to learning MS access from begninng by Rajasundar K: I would like to learning MS access from begninng Reply from Alex Hedley: This is the lesson to start with, then continue on with the rest in this series.
Sun 5/24
Access 2010 Beginner 2I m using 2013 I only have the gridlines in Desig by Anonymous: Thanks. The tip was really helpful. Ian
Sun 5/24
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access 2013 by Javier: When Microsoft Access 2013 is used in a multi-user network business environment, will it requery when advance filter sort is used (i.e., update any additions or deletions made by other users who have access to the same chart/database?) Reply from Alex Hedley: It should do.
Sun 5/24
Microsoft Access ForumGetting data from listbox by Otto M: Hi Alex, I followed Access lessons up to #321. I created a unbound form with a recordset and a listbox where I can find and select articles. But, how can I get the selected data from the list box for further use? I am trying to make a calculation program very similar to the order and orderdetails in the lessons. The 1st problem I  more...
Sat 5/23
Access Database Security SeminarACCDE by Bonnie Staib: Richard, I have just finished working through your outstanding Security Database. In a rating of 5 starts, it gets 10! I do have two questions on the later lessons. In Lesson 32 re ACCDE file. I am working with Access 2010 which may be why I have had this experience. I had repeated difficulty in making the ACCDE file. Finally, after searching the web for clues, I  more...
Sat 5/23
Access 2010 Beginner 1Work Project Database by Rosa : I would like to create a database for a work project which would would allow others to work inside of it simultaneously BUT on a specific day of the month I would like to "close" this database to prevent new entries. Is this possible? Reply from Alex Hedley: You could have a procedure that get's the Date() and then closes the db if it  more...

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