Learning is not attained by chance, it must
be sought for with ardor and diligence.
-Abigail Adams
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Tue 3/31
Access SQL Seminar Part 2Syntax by Marc S: Hi Richard. In response to your inquiry for future seminars and access lessons, I would suggest an comprehensive seminar on syntax. I always understand what i need to put in my sql statement but I always err when it come to the syntax. I loose hours on a missing space or quotation mark. It's quite frustrating to waste time on syntax, wish there was a complete guide  more...
Tue 3/31
Access 2010 Beginner 7Reopen Button Wizard by Paul Metz: Hi Richard, Is there a way to reopen button wizard if properties are set wrong? Reply from Alex Hedley: You can just go into the Macro or VBA and update it manually. Or just start with a fresh button.
Tue 3/31
Microsoft Access ForumSQL for a Query by Stephen: Hello I am trying to perform a simple function that is harder than i thought. I am trying to achieve: If the Worked hours field is greater than 8 hours, subtract 8 hours, if under 8 hours do not subtract the 8 hours. This will show only overtime hours. Regards Stephen Reply from Alex Hedley: Are you using an more...
Mon 3/30
Microsoft and other CertificationsMicrosoft and other Certifications by Carol F: As an employer Richard, what would have been the best way for a prospective employee to demonstrate to you (in the interview) that he KNEW how to use the applications and was qualified? I have an interview coming up and would really appreciate your feedback. Reply from Alex Hedley: LinkedIn is a good place  more...
Mon 3/30
Microsoft Windows ForumRecommend a good PC TuneUp program by Kevin Robertson : I like Ashampoo Winoptimizer and TuneUp Utilities
Mon 3/30
General Discussion ForumPDF Issues by Darrell B: I type in the information on my end and all the information I typed in is blank when it get to the other end all of my edditing Reply from Alex Hedley: Is this a Form based PDF? i.e it has fields you can add values to? If this is the case unless this information is stored in the document it won't show when you send it on, it would be blank and ready  more...
Mon 3/30
Microsoft FrontPage Forumsito frontpage by gianfranca: c' forse un progamma che sostituisce frontpage ?? io ho un sito costruito con frontpage 2003 con il quale io mi trovo benissimo ma che ha molte cose che per i siti attuali mancano ( ricerca, carello) io ho provato ad usare altri programmi, ma mi trovo malissimo non c' nulla che funzioni come frontpage che abbia queste cose, ho chiesto varie volte ce  more...
Mon 3/30
Microsoft Windows ForumRecommend a good PC TuneUp program by MICHAEL J: Can anyone recommend a good PC TuneUp program to use with Windows 8
Mon 3/30
Microsoft Access ForumReturn without GoSub Error by Phil T: Hello, I'm creating a database in Access 2010 and have encountered the dreaded 'Return without GoSub' error. It shows up intermittently when I use a button in one form that I created to open another form. The button worked great for a long time and then started generating the error for no apparent reason. I searched for  more...
Sun 3/29
Visual Basic ForumDatabases and VB by Eddie: I just have a question about what the best approach would be for a project I want to work on since I've never worked with access or databases. Essentially I want to create a database and have a program written in vb (using express 2013) pull data from the database and display a lot of that info based on users filtering or searching for something  more...
Sun 3/29
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2013 by Jasmine Blanchard: Is there any video lesson that shows how to link tables? Such as "Relationship" Reply from Alex Hedley: Sounds like the job of the Relationship Seminar.
Sun 3/29
Microsoft Access 305Microsoft Access 305 by CHARLES FULGHAM: Okay, figured out the issue. I was opening the Acts Rcvbl Report by double clicking it from the All Objects, which opens it up into "Report View" with zero's displayed, open switching over to "Print Preview", zero's not displayed. The Force was telling me all along it was something simple. Thanks for everything. Loving these  more...
Sun 3/29
Microsoft Access 305Microsoft Access 305 by CHARLES FULGHAM: Mr. Hedley, just now following up on my comment. Didn't see Clark's response however, for some reason, during Developer:310 as we revisited the Acts Rcvble Report, upon open, now all the zero's are now NOT being displayed. I'm sure one of these days at some random point (like while grocery shopping) I'll have an A'Ha Moment! Thanks  more...
Sun 3/29
General Discussion ForumPDF Issues by Darrell B: Yes and Yes Reply from Alex Hedley: So when you say it doesn't show up on the other end is it not attached to the email or does it just not open? Does the other machine have the same PDF program installed?
Sun 3/29
Subscribe to Richard's BlogSubscribe to Richard s Blog by muhammad yasir: Your tutorials are quite useful.You seem to be very versed in conveying the concepts of your subject matter to the students. Keep up the good work! regards m.yasir
Sat 3/28
Microsoft Windows ForumComment by MICHAEL J: After following the recommendation to open Windows Defender in the Windows 8 tutorial I have a recurring problem. 1/ Defender keeps closing down 2/ It will not complete a update 3/ It will not complete a scan I have deleted the anti virus program I was using but still the same problem. Has anyone else had this problem and What should I do to fix this problem.
Sat 3/28
STILL Working on Windows 8.1STILL Working on Windows 8 1 by Ann Cooney: I would be interested in being notified when windows 8.1 tutorial is complete Regards Ann (:
Sat 3/28
Microsoft Access ForumDate displaying incorrectly by Ross B: When I installed MS Office Access was installed, I don't know how to install Access on its own from the package that I downloaded from the web - I have subscribed to MS Office 365. Reply from Alex Hedley: You'd need to uninstall all of office then reinstall again. Check it's up to date first and apply any updates before  more...
Fri 3/27
Microsoft Access Expert 17Course Ideas by Michael: Richard, Since you are always encouraging us to send you ideas for future courses, here are a couple of ideas for your consideration. First, you might consider putting together a seminar on queries with particular emphasis on multiple table queries and all the things that can go wrong. We've used multiple table queries throughout the Expert series, but I  more...
Fri 3/27
Access 2010 Expert 1Access 2010 Expert 1 by Alex: I've emailed customer support but was hoping someone could lend a hand before I pull my hair out. This tutorial was extremely helpful but I just can't accomplish what I'm aiming for. I have multiple tables to include a junction table; employees, their training dates, & their due dates. I want to create a form for the end user that uses a combo  more...

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