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Sat 11/22
Access 2010 Beginner 1Too many fields selected by Angelika Gutenberger: I tried to add an extra field I forgot when creating my table. I am trying to save the table again after making the change and it keeps telling me that I have too many fields selected???What do I do? Reply from Alex Hedley: Hi Angelika, What's the exact error? Is it too many fields selected or defined? Which  more...
Sat 11/22
Microsoft Access ForumI want ot set up a count by Joseph M: Alex, Yes I did. I created a counter called ER1CNT which contains my iif statement and conditions. And at the end of my report I put a textbox with Sum([ER1CNT]. The Sum text box is blank. It prints no results. Reply from Alex Hedley: Try moving the IIF into your Query that is the source of your Report, I've just made a  more...
Sat 11/22
Microsoft Access Forumdistributing FE of access database by Richard: Hi i need some help on how to distribute the FE of an Access database to other workstation on a network. The complexities of my situation are as ff: 1. The workstation with the Access database used to be a Master at a diferent dept which has now been brought to our dept as a standalone to join our network. 2. l  more...
Fri 11/21
Microsoft Access ForumI want ot set up a count by Joseph M: Alex I tried what you recommended and created a counter using an iif. My counter looks like this iif([date key]>0,1,0). I see zeros and ones get posted into the field but they will NOT sum up. If I use a sum field I get a type error. If I use a count field I get every record in the file not just the records in error. Any idea  more...
Fri 11/21
Microsoft Access ForumLimit To List issues by Chad V: I've created a few Combo Box's with a Value List. I've entered the options in the Row Source. I've set Limit To List to No, so that users can enter in their own text if one of the options is not sufficient. But the user is not able to manually type something into this box. What else should I look for? Reply from Alex Hedley: There's a  more...
Fri 11/21
Microsoft Access ForumInventory by T-Bone: Richard or Alex, Are we ever going to get to doing the inventory seminar? Reply from Alex Hedley: Hi T-Bone, Maybe my mind is playing tricks but I can't remember which Seminar you mean. The main Access Courses are building up to the Inventory part using Recordsets etc. Although  more...
Thu 11/20
Microsoft Access ForumSingle Password by MBONGA: hello Rick Could any one help me generate a single password in access database while distributing an access database to my client ?? Reply from Alex Hedley: Hi Can you elaborate? Are you wanting to lock down the db so only certain users can get in? Check out the Security  more...
Thu 11/20
Microsoft Access ForumI want ot set up a count by Joseph M: I have a report that produces a message to the user when a record is missing data. I consider these conditions errors and I would like to produce a summery at the end of the report that shows how many of error #1, Error #2 ,etc. I am user an iif function to generate the error message but I can't seem to find a way to create an  more...
Thu 11/20
Access Tip: Download Images from WebAccess Tip Download Images from Web by vinod singh: I like this products Reply from Alex Hedley: Thanks
Thu 11/20
Microsoft Access Forumcombobox by Margaret Bou Jaoude: I would like to create a combo box in my form listing the table or query fields with multi selection property, and I need users to chose and select the fields to export to excel or tho show in a report as they don't have to access my tables and queries. Reply from Alex Hedley: This is all possible but I'd advise a Listbox and not a combo box. It  more...
Wed 11/19
Access 2010 Expert 1Combo Issue by John Fass: Richard, After watching Access 2010 Expert 1 video on Relational Combo Boxes I added a combo box using the combo box wizard.I selected the values from table option. I moved 2 fields over from the Available fields to the Selected fields side in the wizard.One field was the RoomTypeID the other was the RoomType. I chose hide the key column option. I stored  more...
Wed 11/19
Microsoft Access ForumAccess 2013 transactions by David K: Is it possible to use workspace transactions within a master-detail form? The master record is read-only with all the changes occurring to the detail records. Reply from Alex Hedley: You could set the Fields on the Main Form to Read-Only. Then the detail or Sub-Form you can have as editable.
Wed 11/19
Access 2010 Beginner 4Comment by Cindy Sloan: Craig, I noticed your question wasn't answered. The $ sign is not required because it is in front of the 2000, not somewhere in the middle, like this: 20$00. If you look in the Match box, it says Any Part of Field. That means it is only looking for the numbers 2000 in that specific order anywhere within the field. It will find 2000 in a field that contains $2000. Another example,  more...
Wed 11/19
Access 2010 Expert 2Comment by Jeff Perkins: Oh, and the fix for it is to just right click on the "_1" table and then click on "Hide Table".
Wed 11/19
Access 2010 Expert 2Comment by Jeff Perkins: I know this is a late answer for your question, but since no one has answered it, I will go ahead. What you are describing happens when you add a table(or query) to the relationship window that is already present in the window. So, if you add a CustomerT to the window when CustomerT is already there, Access marks it with the _1 suffix to tell the difference. I don't know why  more...
Wed 11/19
Microsoft Access ForumMissing Property Sheet by Phyllis R: When I opened my database on a remote computer, the datasheet was there, but off to the left. When I work in my office I sometimes use two monitors and I must have somehow moved the datasheet over to the other monitor which was off. I don't know how I did it, what a stupid mistake. I'm glad the issue is resolved, but I am sorry to waste  more...
Tue 11/18
Access / Word Q&A: Format Currency on Mail MergeAccess Word Q A Format Currency on Mail Merge by Lyn: Thanks BenT; that worked a treat!! :))
Tue 11/18
Access / Word Q&A: Format Currency on Mail MergeCurrency field in Access not showing correctly in by Lyn: Thanks for the tips here but they are not working for me. The Access database I want to use has other fields in it, so when I created a Query for the "Payment" field and inserted it, the rest of the fields wouldn't work. So I tried the hint you gave for Word and it was easy to follow,  more...
Tue 11/18
Microsoft Access ForumAccessing data from the web by Donald W: Thanks for your answer, Alex. I apologize for my delay in getting back to you. I'm thinking the runtime might be the easiest. There will only be 6 people tops accessing the db. And there will be no input on there part. They will use it to run reports or queries I have built. Thank you again, Don Reply from Alex  more...
Tue 11/18
Microsoft Access ForumSQL Recordsource Criteria by Susan : I am currently using the following code to update another subform. Private Sub Form_Current() On Error Resume Next Forms!MasterF!AssignF.Form.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM AssignmentsT WHERE LessonID=' & LessonID " End Sub What I would like to do is to add a second criteria. I want the subform to open the records  more...

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