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Tue 8/23
Microsoft Access Forumcustomer service database by Catrina Jones: I have a customer service database where employees record transactions with customers and each entry is date stamped. I also have a table where users record their hours worked so I can keep track of productivity. Users have to log in using their ID and password. Here is what I want to do: When users log in every day, I want  more...
Tue 8/23
Microsoft Access ForumSearching for specifics on queries by Felipe: I have one field where I describe some properties of the object (i.e. round shaped). I want to produce a query in which just objects with "round shaped" quality will appear. So I went to query, selected the field which contains this characteristics and as criteria I chose "round shaped", I press tab, then I go to the  more...
Mon 8/22
Microsoft Access ForumOLE s by Michael B: I followed the directions in lesson 6 and converted the pic from jpg to bmp. However, upon attempting to drag the bmp to my Form, it won't allow me. The bmp turns into a circle with a line through it and nothing happens? Any help? I even tried copy and pasting, but that only works in design view, than I get the same picture for all my records. I need each pic unique to  more...
Mon 8/22
Access Calendar SeminarI get the following error Enter Parameter Query by Gioia Heiser: I get the following error: Enter Parameter Query Forms!DatePickerF!StartDate on both the MonthlyCalendarF and MonthlyCalendarR even though I created an entirely new database and transferred your objects into my Access 2016. Can you please post the db code that works for Access 2016  more...
Mon 8/22
Microsoft Access ForumCombo Box by Anamaria: I have a form we have created to keep track of contracts, which also means in the combo box for partners is a long one and from time to time we have new ones that need to be added. My problem is it seems that I have maxed the amount of words I can put in the combo box.. Is there a way to make it unlimited so I can add whatever? I was told I could change  more...
Sun 8/21
Microsoft Access ForumAdd multiple recipients to Email by Gioia H: Hi I'm trying to figure out how to get a form to fill in email addresses from a ListBox. Is there a video that teaches that? Reply from Alex Hedley: I'm not sure which one covers it but I'm sure it has been Search
Sun 8/21
Learning Access VBA ProgrammingLearning Access VBA Programming by Toporan G: 1.about the first topic, yeah, something like that, except for the fact that I would like to get A, B AND C. 2. about the second topic, what I'm realy interested in is getting a part of the document form one source, and a second part would be a collection of information. For example, let's say that I want to write a  more...
Sat 8/20
Access Loan Amortization SeminarAccess 2013 by Alvaro Berrio-Caratt: Hi, I am using Access 2013, none of the icons works, would you please advise. Regards, Al Reply from Alex Hedley: Are these icons in the Ribbon? Is this an Office 365 copy? Is it licensed or is there a red warning bar along the top?
Thu 8/18
Microsoft Access ForumManaging Multiple Instances of a Form by Robert R: Can you open more than one customer form? Example---Im speaking to a customer, but then I get another call from a different customer. I want to "search" for the 2nd customer and have a new customer form open on top of the already open customer form Reply from Alex Hedley: Allen Browne explains it  more...
Wed 8/17
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Charles F: I'm trying to set up a counter as described in Expert 29. The name of the field I want to increment is 'rosteridnum'. It is a number field in my table 'ctramrsm-t'. The field is on form 'ctramrsm-f'. The set value code I entered in the Before Insert property of the form seems to save okay, but when I try to add a new member, I get an  more...
Tue 8/16
Microsoft Access ForumCalculate the data of Subforms under Datasheet Vie by Allen Z: Calculate the data of Subforms under Datasheet View of the main form. Hi, I am learning Access on 599cd while designing a simple inventory management database for my company. I was wondering if there are any methods that I could, under the Datasheet View of the main form, to  more...
Mon 8/15
Access Tip: Check a Form for Blank ControlsAccess Tip Check a Form for Blank Controls by ted: perfect
Mon 8/15
Microsoft Access ForumRequery by Robert R: I tried this does not seem to work....also put Me.Requery after the code suggested and still not putting in in the "clear listbox" code. So right after clear = ""....under that im putting in the code suggested and Me.Requery....I think its requerying the list do I requery the form from this button? Reply from Alex Hedley:  more...
Sun 8/14
Microsoft Access ForumLesson 3 Collection Letters 3 Access Expert 6 by Tiziano F: I have repeated on my computer the instructions of the lesson. After the setting of the Control Source to =Forms!LetterF!LetterText (ref.ce page 14 of the handbook), in the report I obtain the same letter repeated 3 times, that is the number of the records in LetterT. I would expect this  more...
Sun 8/14
Microsoft Access ForumCrashing Form by David S: That worked, it seems. Thank you.
Sun 8/14
Microsoft Access ForumF11 by David S: No thanks. It seemed that if I opened and then shut the vba window my code would work. So I wanted to do that automatically, but a debug/compile served the purpose.
Sun 8/14
iOS App for 599CDApp Test by Diane P: Hi Richard I've been 'off' for a while but now back to continue my learning. If you are still looking for 'field testers' please let me know ? I have iPhone, iPad and can also access a few android devices too (depending on what your are short on testing results)? Reply from Alex Hedley: Hi Diane, I'll add you to the list. I'm looking at making an  more...
Sat 8/13
Microsoft Access ForumBudgets by Sally Day: Budgets- I have 12 months across the top and acct#'s down the side. I have a form to input salaries that go to an expense table. I want to calculate payroll taxes (.062 for Social Security) and save it to the expense table under a different acct#. This would have to include a running total because when the salary reaches a certain $ amount for the year Social  more...
Sat 8/13
iOS App for 599CDiOS App for 599CD by Alex Hedley: Build (1.0.9) has been sent out.
Fri 8/12
Microsoft Access ForumF11 by David S: Can I force my form to open and shut the vba program. Alt and F11 opens the vba program and I can then close it in the normal way, but can I force my form to open and shut the vba program when, for instance, the form itself is opening? Reply from Alex Hedley: So you want the Form to close the VBA editor that you've manually opened?

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