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Fri 4/3
Sorted Combo Box ValuesSorted Combo Box Values by Richard R: Comment test
Sun 1/19
Microsoft Access ForumMK DIR by Richard L: 
Wed 1/15
Microsoft Access ForumMicrosoft Access Forum by Eric M: In the Developer 2 class, you use docmd.gotocontrol. So far I have been using .setfocus. I know there is many ways to do the same thing so can you explain the difference/advantages/disadvantages of the two?
Tue 1/7
Customer List Form TemplateCustomer List Form Template by Edward S: Thanks
Sun 12/29
Microsoft Access Forumsearch as you type glitch by Toporan G: Everything is going ok with the search form as long as you don't use the SPACE key. The text box bellow our listbox that records the keystrokes is recording 32 (ASCII for SPACE) but the actual SPACE is not inserted into the searchbox. As you may have understood, I'm interested to search inside a name (i.e. for corporations name)  more...
Mon 12/23
Microsoft Access ForumDecision Tree by Perry S: Is it possible to build a decision tree in access?
Tue 12/17
Microsoft Access ForumKeep running balance by Aryeh B: I have students who pay a certain rate per hour of tutoring and make payments from time to time to cover their charges. Up until now I have been using a separate Google Sheet for each student like this: Date Hours Payment Balance 11/3/2019 1.00 -30 10/11/2019 1.50 -$75.00 11/17/2019 1.00 -$105.00 11/24/2019 1.00  more...
Mon 12/16
Microsoft Access ForumMonth to date sum by Darrell B: I am looking for the same but year to date
Sat 12/7
New ReleasesComment by Samson A: Stay calm and take care of yourself. Rome was not build in a day, personally I am not in hurry and your health matter most. Wishing quick recovery.
Wed 12/4
Active Server Pages 304Active Server Pages 304 by Diane S: On one of your videos you said you would demonstrate how the link would not show if you did not have any contacts for that customer. However, you never explained how to do that. Can you please explain how to do that?
Tue 12/3
Microsoft Access Forumcalandar to record test results by jannette j: i need to have a way to put the calandar in access that I can input test results. here a picture that i need to display in access.
Tue 12/3
Free Course CreditsFree Course Credits by Ramona W: Do you still do the free course credit thing? If so, can you tell me how many i have please? Thank you in advance!
Tue 11/19
Microsoft Access ForumMacro by Normand G: Hello Richard, I installed the Access Table on the server and we have 5 computers that gets the data from that server and the Macro does not work in one of them, but works fine the the other 4. We all have Microsoft Office 2013. Can you help out? Thanks Normand
Thu 11/14
Microsoft Access ForumCommand button to open form and show specific data by Vicent M: Help please! I have created a command button to open a form and show specific record to display but it doesn't work as I expected.
Sun 11/10
Microsoft Access ForumCommand Button by Sara P: Hi, I am getting this error, happened twice now in databases. Can't find much on the internet about it, can anyone help? Undefined function 'AppLoadString' I am in the early stages of a new database and have hardly any code. Only what Richard has taught me regarding a login page ;-) Just trying to make a button with the wizard. I already copied  more...
Wed 11/6
Microsoft Access ForumViewing ACCESS Report real time on Android Phone by Lisa T: I have a small relational database with 7 tables, a few forms and reports that we use as a project management tool to track jobs. The project managers would like to be able pull up the installation schedule on their phones for viewing only - no data input. Is this possible? What is  more...
Fri 11/1
Microsoft Access ForumCombo Box Issue by Sue S: I set up a customer table and a vehicle table using the training provided from Work Order class. I want to add new vehicles that fill in the customer combo box and even though I had tested this before and it worked, it is not now. I followed instructions in setting up the Combo Box on a new record in adding the Customer ID in the Default via a  more...
Wed 10/30
Microsoft Access Forumdata in a single form to two tables by Les S: Is there a way to set up a form as to when information is entered in a field it populates in two different tables?
Mon 10/7
Microsoft Access Forum2000ish record in DB by Mohamed Hashem T: Hi all, I am tring to build a database for an IT vendor where I exported the Partners database ( 2000ish record) I also exported another list of Partners( 450 ish record) purchased the last 4 Qs. I am trying to link those tables together. As per Access Expert 1 the instructor was adding the Contact ID to the Customer ID manually  more...
Thu 10/3
Microsoft Access ForumOLE Object by Dan C: I have office 356, and when i try to drag and drop a bmp file into the OLE box on a form all i get is an icon no photo. can someone please tell my this does not work the same as is does in the lesson.

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